Poker Variation: Black Mariah

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      Hi everyone, for those who never heard of this variation becore like myself before today here is a very nice thread to get you educated ;) :

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      Its a fun variaton of stud poker, and I liked it. Its a nice difference from texas holdem that I play everyday.

      The thing is, that I have been invited to a house to play this game variation. They are 4-5 regular players that they play every week but all of them are quite fishy.
      To give you an idea of the level, when I started talking about odds and 3-1 and blah blah blah they thought I was an alien :f_cool:

      So if anybody has any resources or can give me any general guidelines on how to play the game and gain an edge it would be a great help as I am planning going there every week.


      PS: If you have the occasional poker with friends this is a great game to play relax and have fun.
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