Last Months Zoom Stats

    • hooley01
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      Hey guys,
      playing zoom NL2+5, would really appreciate if anyone would take a quick glance at my stats from last month and tell me if there's any glaringly obvious areas to work on like cbet/steal success % etc.
      Much appreciated,

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    • DailyDollarPro
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      3bet more from Btn and Co.

      Your clearly only 3betting premiums, so regs aren't going to give you any action if you 3bet AA on the button. Take advantage of your position and 3bet hands like A7s, KJo, 33 as a semi bluff when a loose player opens UTG or MP. You'r target player should have a high fold to 3bet stat and a reasonably wide PFR. At these stakes your not concerned about people bluff 4betting you as they will mostly fold or call. If they call, they will always check the flop to you oop, Look to cbet low flops or dry paint rag rag boards. It's ok to check/fold on a coordinated or broadway heavy flop.

      You can also widen your value 3bet range to include hands like TT, AQ, KQs. People play very straight forward once they call a 3bet oop, so it is very easy to know exactly where you are in the hand. Being in position you can value bet, pot control or make good folds with confidence.
    • EmanuelC16
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      Hi hooley01,

      Overall your stats look good. There are a few things you can improve of course.

      One of them is 3betting more from CO, BU and blinds. You dont have to include bluffs, just some more hands for value like AQ, JJ, TT, maybe KQ, AJ, depending how often your opponents call.

      Next I think you can steal more from SB. Not a lot more but 5% more is definitely doable and will increase your profit.

      The final thing you can improve is your cbetting. Now, when you cbet 68% total you have 52% overall success which is HUGE! For a 2/3 pot cbet to be profitable you need you have 40% success rate. Where you have way over 43% success you can start cbetting more. Remember not to spew on turn and rivers. You cbet more because it's instantly profitable but you don't bluff off you stack. That would defeat the purpose of increasing your flop cbet stat.

    • hooley01
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      thanks emanuel and dailydollar, really appreciate your help.

      I did experiment with increasing my 3bet against loose players but got burned a couple of times against AA/KK so decided to drop it. Will have another pop at it later and see what happens. I guess I just got unlucky and it put me off.

      Thanks for the cbetting tip as well emanuel, I thought maybe I was cbetting too often, didn't realise you could be profitable with only 40% success rate!

      what do you recommend in terms of bet sizing from the SB by the way?