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      Hey Guys,

      I Usually post in the Indian forums. I recently read a thread here, about someone wanting to start a 45man study group . There was some confusion in that thread, and was locked up by the mods. So I thought I would create another one.

      About me : I am not very experienced with 45 man Turbos. Played <1000 so far. Have basic push fold knowledge. Can help basic players out. I have a regular job, so I play recreationally. Can play 10 tables comfortably. not more than 2-3 hours a day. so my weekly volume goal is like 100 as of now. Just deposited $300 on stars , and looking to play $1.5 on weekdays, and $3.5 on weekends (depending how the week goes).
      Beofre the deposit, I used to deposit ~$100 on weekends and take shots with MTTs.. Now, I want to hold on to this roll and grind it up seriously this time.Looking for a more experienced players to discuss hands, sweat etc and willing to help out basic players, or players who want to transition from other games.

      skype - prateek.bhartia
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