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binkmepls blog (with Pleno!)

    • binkmepls
      Joined: 01.03.2012 Posts: 23
      This is my first major post on

      And this is the 'first' post from it introducing me. (hope this doesn't break any rules mods but Pleno said I needed to get my blog going on here)

      Been rambling a lot, but I'm going to get it all out in this first monster post. So I feel sorry for you, but thank you if you can wade through it all.....

      23 January 2012
      I'm John Black, a technician who travels worldwide to install and repair electronics for a living. I'm also a guy who's played a wide array of sports (football, basketball, tennis and plenty more) computer games, board games and a whole host of other things in my so far short lived time. I live in Milton Keynes and have my own flat, I've run pretty good in life tbh.

      I have an impulsive and somewhat addictive personality.. however I'm pretty certain I couldn't ever 'go off the rails'. Coming close to any edges scares the bajeezas outa me. I'm supposedly rocking an IQ just north of 130 but that was tested a long time ago and since I landed my job I've not really done a hellova lot with it tbh (uber lazy). I wanted to do this a while ago, and after spending a long time on it one day I pressed the 'post' button and received a sexy windows 'youve just wasted your time' error message. I'm now forcing myself into it because I honestly feel its going to be the best overall way to improve, record, account, shame, learn, share and focus my attentions.

      I first played poker about 5-6 years ago at a home game of my tennis buddies, we played a little tournament and it ended up with us basically 'flipping' for the first place in the last hand. I obviously won the £15 for 1st and was hooked immediately. We played a bit more and I had a little more success than my equal share, more because they were worse instead of me being better. Then I found my way to a Milton Keynes pub league where I had similar success, easily ending the league in the top % required to qualify for a 'final' in Gala Casino Northampton.

      This was my first experience of any proper casino, poker room, event and I came 33/120 or something.. think I lost a race. But by this time I was watching everything I could get my hands on, had discovered 2+2, and worked out bigger prize pools and tournaments was definitely for me. This is one of the only times I have 'gambled':-

      I stood behind the craps table and observed, I'd only ever heard of it and seen it in movies but they don't explain the game in them so I had to 'learn' to understand where the house edge is.. After a few mins of watching and working it out I'd roughly calculated that if you bet your money on the bet line when the button was off you had around 86% to draw/ win... that sounded good enough for me. So I took my £100 I still had in chips from earlier and put the max down on the bet line as soon as the button came off (£25). We draw with a 4, 5 or something then I took back my £25 and changed my bet to £2 - in retrospect I realise I must've had a rookie dealer as changing the bet is where my 'edge' came from. So I waited and eventually I lost it and then put the £25 in when the button came off.. My first turn to roll and BOOM we smash a 7 first go >> then an 11 for a second win and now we're up £48.. Good game, no?

      After an hour or so of continuing this pattern and letting some other people roll, I'm obviously a rookie gambler and not very quiet about it.. We're up about £275 and after watching me for a few mins a pit boss comes over and asks to talk to me. He very rudely and coldly explains that I cannot change the bet, however being the smart ass I am I have to explain -

      "that I am afraid the rules are very clear sir, you have them written on the side of the table... and no where does it mention the bet being removed or changed is in violation."

      He replies with

      "I am allowed to refuse service to anyone in the casino sir and if you do not leave the table now I will be closing it, your choice.."

      So I give in and the rookie dealer is now hauled off for allowing me to be there for so long. Other than this I've played Blackjack once a long time ago in Australia, played 5 boxes, obv won $200 then left and I have never gambled with more than £20 since.. and probably not more than 4/5 times ever. I see no point in it and don't understand it... even with BlackJack being 'playable'. I have no 'lucky numbers' or supersticious tendancies.. I resent the slots (even with a local 'slotmatch' £30 for £20 tickets).

      So this is me, I then became a Gala regular and met the 'local pros' Sunny Mistri, Aaron Fisher, James Tomlin, Daniel Patton, Mark Dodge, "The Mad Dog" and a whole bunch of other characters. I started with the £10 rookie tournaments, sit n go's, and baby cash games (25/50p) with mixed successes.. I remember beating Aaron hu in a Wednesday £15 bounty for my first £450 win. Felt AMAZING! <<< he doesn't even remember it. I always struggled with cash because the money was 'a lot' but I started getting better, meeting interesting characters on the way and most of the time being an annoying knowitall twat to boot. More poker tv shows and at some point I discovered Sky Poker and their channel, now I had a more up to date and more relevant source of information - combined with the legend that is TK and his cronies.

      This Gala and then Aspers Northampton (when it opened) trend continued, with me winning as well as losing enough to keep the fish I was coming back for more! I tried to keep a spreadsheet of all poker related monies, and kept it up for a long time.. only stopping when my desktop graphics card broke (still is) and then for over a year recorded them on my phone to input later (likely story). This showed that over an 8month period I was up about £350-450 in tournaments but I was down that and a little more in cash games. My job kept taking me away and in plenty of places I found myself finding casinos or home games - Egypt, Brussels, Beijing, Cameroon.. with again more tournament success than cash games.. I even came back from 5:1 down in Cameroon to win a tournament in the American Marines house at the American Embassy (they weren't impressed but we got pizza and so drunk after, then all was forgiven). My ambitions grew with my buyins and my hunger for knowledge led to me 'buying' my little brother (8yrs younger) Super System 1 + 2 one year for xmas ( [ ] he has ever had them in his posession since that day..) My mum knew they were for me but said nothing, the angel she is and he said something once but never again. Then I got hold of Harrington on Holdem for Cash Games 1 and 2. I then chewed through all of these, twice. Now I was now really improving. Regularly making FT's at Aspers (Gala lost the poker room wars in N'hampton) and cashing and winning consistently more than most. But cash was my deamon.

      This continued for a long time, maybe as much as 18 months - 2 years and despite the 'regs' now not being much better than me (imo) I still was quite a bit of a dick and wasn't great friends with many of em, just social like. Over this time I played in 100 Euro rebuys in Brussels, coming 5th and 6th, bubbling both times (in for 100 both times), a bunch of random games, and a bent £3/6 game in Uganda - lost a bunch 1st day, then went back and in the end I left over $1k up in the sickest way (55 vs K8o AIPF for $2k+).

      Then came the first in a few important milestones for me, I bumped into an old footie mate and recent tennis advisary at dtd - Kourosh Radfar.. who played poker apparently... I remember mentioning that I was 'pretty good' and he said nothing at the time but now he tells me he almost pissed himself (as a BRS sponsored playa, I must've seemed a complete joke).

      This coupled with a few other 'poker friends' - Tom Kugelstadt, Peter Howard, Dan Patton, and a couple of others.. and I was taking a few more steps along. Becoming aware of position was a MASSIVE jump for me, and has as it should irreparably altered my game. Now I wasn't just a little better than the 'locals'.. I was crushing them. So I stopped playing the <£50's as it was a 'waste of my time' effectively. Playing all night for a 1st of £250 now tilted me, [X] ego much. But in the last 12 months I've broken my DTD curse - had never even cashed untill I crushed the Super 50 in October, two weeks on the trot (CL both times, 1st and 6th) and chopped the 150 inbetween. Won 2x £100 fo's in 7 days, had some £100 into £1k nights at The Vic but Cash was still my deamon.

      I have in total I think Won easily over £20k in the last few years.. (its a single pot to some of you I know) but I have definitely not been +ve until this year. Cash is a hard, sexy, and demanding mistress despite being deceptively simple - Wait for BIG CARDS then put LOTS of money into the pot and wait for the FISH to call with WORSE.

      It is just that simple. Apparently.

      Well now I'm pushing and pushing further along, further than I probably ever could have and the thanks is probably in no small part to one person - that Kosh introduced me to.

      Christopher Poulton - live fish but confirmed online genius and generally good at the game, that is when he doesn't tilt and open shove every hand online for 30 mins
      [X] been there and seen it - apparently Q5s doesn't beat 10's aipf very often

      So CP seemed a little prickly at first but there was a nice guy in there somewhere, definitely. He gave me a bunch of poker vids - Galfond hu stuff, the thin red line, Samo vs Giggy, Dr Giggy, DogisHead, and a bunch more... I've managed to get through these and keep rewatching.. This coupled with a more realistic and theoretical approach on poker, and Jared Tendler's 'The mental game of poker' have now made me an uncomparably stronger player than ever before. As some of you may or may not have read my first few posts on blondepokers PHA if you do, you will see I regularly level myself with overthinking many situations. But I'm thinking and learning and this is definitely in the right direction.

      So now, as reccommended by Chris - I am doing the following to improve and get to where I want to be:

      - playing 6max cash on stars at micros: started with 5nl and have moved up to 25nl over the last 6 months.. now back at 10nl and winning at a solid rate over a small sample, but feel this is my 'crushing level' and that I can beat 25nl but I need to reign in my creativity (read spew).

      - grinding <£100 comps to build a tournament roll, while satelliting into every big dtd comp I can (played deepstack twice, cashed first when frankie bust my 10's with his 7's - joy, second one when frankie won every pot vs me with less than premium hands AKs vs J2s/ AQ vs A10).

      - learning and finding any new information I can that helps me with my strategy, theory and discipline

      - signing up to dueces cracked very soon to give me some more modern and recent thinking/ videos

      - am going to grind the 6max cash online and experiment with 50hu nl, taking shots at live cash while I build a roll using <£100 tournys.


      [ ] I want to end the year at 50nl 6max minimum, would like to be beating 100nl but that is a big jump and beating 50nl hu 'regs'

      [ ] To have been on my first Vegas trip (I have airmiles to spend).

      [ ] To be working with my friends in our discussion group to help us all focus on real goals and work togther to get there.

      [ ] Have made my first £10k+ score & manditory hendon flag.

      [ ] Have submitted and had accepted a 50k+ sample as a result of no1 above and to be negotiating a 'cash sponsorship' deal.

      I guess that's it for now. To anyone that has somehow survived it all, thank you.

      Right, out for a drink (just earned it) with some mates.. one just got dumped by his fiance and the other is having a baby with a girl that won't talk to him... bad times.
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    • binkmepls
      Joined: 01.03.2012 Posts: 23
      This was at the start of the year, and as such there have been some developments since.

      Since this started I have
      - been offered and taken a microsnl/ssnl staking deal with Pleno1 complete with coaching
      - have satellited into a lot of DTD (uk card room) tournaments so far this year
      - bought a new poker PC to cement my commitment to online poker (cant find how to attach a pic) - have 3x 24" monitors hooked up to a Intel7 2600 3.4Ghz with 8Gb Ram.
      - have cashed in Genting Poker Series London Leg2, and DTD500 (lost a flip for CL with 11 left
      - lost a 60/40 for CL in UKIPT Nottingham for overall Day1 CL... sigh..
      - have played something like 45-60k hands for Pleno with a LOT of spew in the first 30k.

      I am here to improve, learn and to win some $$ while having a great time because like a friend of mine i



    • binkmepls
      Joined: 01.03.2012 Posts: 23
      TRIP REPORT DTD500 5 + 7 May 2012

      This is the regular 'monthly' dusk till dawn £500 no limit holdem tournament that is frequented by some very good live players, a couple of online whizzkids, a lot of satelliting players (myself included) and a whole bunch of recreational funsters. I have performed well in this tournament in the past, making day 2 last year when it was a £300 and that day my 10's couldn't beat regular dtd player 'chinese frankies' 7's all in pre flop. Other than this I've had some good runs this year at day 1 and unfortunately come unstuck in similar situations, busting only once in a 'bad situation' (tptk + nfd vs idiot end of a run on super wet board - sigh @ the call! Tongue)

      However when I sat down to play on Saturday 5 I found myself 3 handed at a 9 handed table with a couple of players who I stereo-typed as players I would enjoy playing vs and we discussed and lol'd at how we could chop away at the other stacks if we took it in turns and raise/ folded until more got here.....

      [ ] This went well for them
      [ ] They folded to let me win pots preflop
      [X] instead I crushed them postflop with my hedge!

      So we of course had some skirmishes but I'd already decided to not do anything as a bluff for more than 10bb's at this early stage. So instead I made a couple of top or second pair type hands and just let the two of them try to bluff me for half an hour or so. This worked well and we'd gone from 30k starting up to almost 34k. Then we had a player or two join our table and after a while we had 8/9 players here and ready.... the two I'd been playing with didn't seem to realise I'd changed gears and was no longer playing any hands at all.. Instead I just watched, waited and tried to build up profiles on the 2 to my right and 2 to my left as these are the most likely for me to tangle because of position. Only problem is David 'crushingonline' L'honore is on our direct left.... This is both good and bad, I get to watch a very good MTT player work but I also have to contend with him, we're 'friends' and I don't expect him to mess around with me very much. He knows I've been working on my game and I 'think' that he will respect my game enough to know that its not worth skirmishing when the rest of the table was so good to toy with.


      I had a small tangle with one of the early guys, we'll call this one EG2 and we'd flatted in LP 8d 6d to a min open, with another one or two guys coming along.
      Th 9d 5h

      He cbets liike 350 into 450, we call, everyone else folds.

      With a bkdr fd and gutty on a board that doesn't rate to hit his range as much as ours, the plan was to float this flop a lot and raise any brick non Q+ turn or to continue on anything that improves us and give up on offsuit A/K/Q's...


      HU He tentatively cbets 600 into a pot of 1150, I was 99% sure this bet was a weak hand trying to have one more stab, the bet sizing wasn't consistent with his previous hands for value and to me it was A or K high type hand exclusively.

      One of the best and worst cards in the deck imo.. it brings our extra outs, makes it hard for him to have tp and we can rep HUGE from now on. So we're intending to now flat a turn bet (dont actually expect one all that often, people will give up here with AK/ AQ type hands some %) and we will be raising huge on all brick rivers and a little smaller on all value rivers. Probably checking back if we make a pair as I've been owning myself in these spots with a bet in recent times - villain dependant i would defo make this bet with a rivered 8 or 6 some % of the time.


      Well this is a pretty good river card, we gone done made a flooosh or something. Got 5 of same color = good hand so the french tell me.

      The guy looks at the river and i see a 'glint' of something in his eye, I'm not sure what this means but my suspicion at the time was that he thought this would be a good river to bluff. He takes a little while and slides over a bet of 925 into a now 2350 pot. I try to work through sizings and eventually settle on making it HUGE.. I did this because if I've been wrong throughout the hand and he has a T or a value hand then he will call a big bet but never reraise without Axdd or a house. Also, if he has hit the J and wants to sheriff me then I want it to cost him. Tbh i didn't expect a call very often at all, but wanted to be able to bet big on rivers in the future and have suspicion be my ally.

      I raise to 4100 which by my quick calculations was just under pot. 3275 + 925 = 4200 so I wasn't far off. And he makes a seriously frustrated face then sigh folds - maybe he had Ad or something....


      We carry on for a while without playing any hands of note, mainly some small calls in position when 3-4 way and we have something like 4s 4h or 9c 7c . I see some very over valued hands go to showdown and realise one or two of the guys are going to be worth never bluffing, but vbetting HUGE, so this note taken I carry on.

      Eventually we get to a hand where otb I flat Kd Qs and David L'honore completes the SB, with BB coming along vs MP open from EG2 again.

      Ad Jh Th

      Eeerrrr.... wellll ummmmm, think thats yes hold on... 10..... J.....Q......K.....A..... thats a run! we've made a RUN!!!!! off the flop. Cheesy

      So this is how we play our expertly flopped nuts.

      check, check, EG2 bets 950ish into 1300 or so, we flat and L'honore says something next to me about how he has KQ and 'watch this' as he's flopped a straight... (lol) then the bb comes along.


      Pretty sweet brick imo, Dave checks (and says 'I shoulda folded flop, playing so bad'), BB checks and EG2 checks... I take my time and decide I need to build a pot here and that BB or EG2 will not be going away if they have any tp, but probably not folding to two big bullets if they have a good tp. I make it 2625 to play, L'honore snap folds and so does BB. EG2 flicks the call in, in a 'knew youd bet' kinda way. I just lol'd hard inside deciding that on any brick river I'm going to make it absolutely MAHUSSIVE!


      BRICKSSSSSS! we love being builders cos when we find dem bricks and slap some cement on, no problems happen and we win all the time! :D
      He checks quickly and I take a long time... really working out the exact pot, but never looking at him or the pot, just at the 4 chips im shuffling in my hand and the same corner of the cards in my other hand. Eventually I work out that the pot is approx 10.5k and I fire out a full 11625 bet. He instantly shuffles in his seat uncomfortably, he knows he's beat but can't do it... He can't make the 'fold'. Only problem for me is that this bet is HUGE, he has something like 24K left from his 30K starting... and this is for half of dem chippies. But as I hoped the earlier hand obv played on his mind and he eventually flicked in the call with I'm told Ah Kc .

      Really? just one pair? wow.... thank you for the boost sir.

      Now we're really trucking on and we have something like 60K when avg is 31.5k. :D :D :D

      Dave says afterwards that he knew my flop call was massive and that he thought my obv KQ riverbet was way too big... We discussed it after and agreed vs most competent villains this bet should be somewhere between 6700-9100. However he said well played on getting the max and that he wants his 1k back as he gifted it to me and he wants interest.


      We now super chill... We're not getting busy at all and continue to build reads, profiles and to observe play.... No one seems to notice we're not even playing anymore, even with potentially the tournament CL and one of the biggest mouths in the room! I stay quiet and reseved, occassionally chatting to Dave but eventually a guy in seat 3 wakes up and begins to create the best table in the room.

      This man was Andrew Bradshaw. The guy is a poker legend, and only rivalled 'if' surpassed by 'The Fish himself' (Colburn Tomlin).

      Andrew woke me up and our banter and combined destruction of the table lead to the most incredible run through of players I've ever seen. Our table chewed up something like 3 players an hour for about 4 hours straight. With Andrew and myself being the main beneficiaries..


      One such hand was another of my 'runnin like bolt' pots where I find dem Ks Kh on the button, and squeeze to 1900 the EP raise and call....

      To my suprised David L'honore pulls out of the closet, the old 1984 ice cold '4bt/ reraise' to make it 4700 to play. Now I know Dave 'could' be doing it light here vs me, but he's not doing it light vs the EP raiser + call so I'm a little confused because I have half of the K's which means he with a range of only QQ+/ AK he is likely to have QQ or AA.... sigh. Then a recreational player who's recently been moved to our table then hits a mushroom or something and shouts 'maaaario' as he fistpump COLD 5 bets from the BB. WTF!!! Well the good thing about this is this guy's range imo is going to be something like 10's+, AQs+ and as such I like that he will let me requeeze Dave out if he has a 30% hand he wouldn't have folded otherwise.

      So now the betting has gone...

      EP - open to 450
      MP - call 450
      BTN - I make it 1900
      DL - makes it 4700
      BB - 11k (playing 18k behind)

      EP fold
      MP fold
      BTN - I take a lot of time, as they've seen me do and fold or seen me do and raise... and eventually I click it back (cib) to 18.5k
      DL - pukes in his own mouth (i hear it slide slowly down his throat) and then he slides his cards into the muck to keep his 24k stack intact (he claims AK but I later find out he had the other two KK's...... ouch!)
      BB - looks confused, and then sigh shoves the other 18k in for a 29k total and a 65k pot with me when I snap call and have 30k left.

      He has dem QQ's and we're not even sweating!

      Boom, we do a hold and now have the tournament CL for sure and are properly trucking along. We have a respectable finishing Day1 stack already and the average is still 34k - cmon leggggggo!
    • binkmepls
      Joined: 01.03.2012 Posts: 23
      TRIP REPORT DTD500 5 + 7 May Part 2

      So we're now up to a modest 85/95k @ something stupid like 150/300 avg is 35k or something.... And we just play like a nit... Cheesy

      We haven't really lost a hand all day as we've not overvalued any pairs and we've bluff caught with weak tp's, and won a lot. We've coolered one soul and somehow won a pot with KK vs KK vs QQ aipf.. where KK folds... Cheesy and in general we're just running really really good. Every time we 'squeeze' we've had 'IT' and every time we've decided to float or bluff its been a great runout for it.

      Everything is going well...

      So I now spend a few minutes alone in the toilet telling myself what I need to do:-
      - relax, you're running good but you also have a good table and you're concentrating and playing great
      - focus, you can still only win a few pots an orbit, dont start trying to win them all..
      - we're NOT going to make a bluff for stacks, and we're not likely to set in the shorties without a hand... they will gamble with us to get a stack back
      - lets have a beer, we need to relax.... ok magners ordered... now enjoy and be patient!

      Back to the table and we're hearing Bradshaw chirping again, he's just nocked out someone else and is closing in on my CL.... he's a dangerous player and unfortunately in one spot where he won 2 hands on the trot and I KNEW he was bluffing the 3rd hand and wanted to call down with AK high... a 3rd player in the pot complicated things and I got out of the way. Then the 3rd guy folds a brick turn and Andrew shows the mighty 7d 2s saying "If I can win with this **** then what hope do you guys have" or something to that effect.

      Love Andrew Bradshaw, so good for the game.

      to be continued... have to change terminals to catch the next flight.....

      enjoy the story so far, next up we bet fold Kd Qd on a 3 diamond board..... WTF! :D
    • binkmepls
      Joined: 01.03.2012 Posts: 23
      I'm kinda tired as I've just arrived and been travelling for almost 24 hours solid, but I've been to this country before. Just never this city, feels a little weird being back here in 'similar surroundings' even if they're just similar to the other parts of this country.

      Anyways.... back on with the nories...

      So, we get John 'skalie' Kalmar moved to our left in place of the QQ busto boy, and David L'honore busts with Alan 'lucky' Mcbride replacing him. We know a lot about Alan's game but not so much about John, I recognise his name from somewhere and I can faintly remember he's either won something or gone deep in something big but don't know what and don't care much. If it was more than a year ago it doesn't matter anyways as the game changes so much, and I need to judge him on his merits playing this tournament on this day. I also have the CL but he's got more than starting stack himself, if he is good then i don't expect him to come to the table and try to insta-boss it without a massive stack so we will just take our time and see.

      In the meantime between myself and the few remaining players from earlier, Andy Bradshaw and I manage to take out player after player, him nocking two out at once at one point and our table is getting louder and louder! (great for the game ofc).

      I'm still being a nit, but occassionally messing with the guy on my direct right as he doesn't have a lot of chips and I'm not letting him have his btn very easily. I 3bt him a few times and show a 2s twice... but he knows he can't afford to make a mistake with his 4bt shove as I have over 80k and he only has 22k or something.
      :D :D :D love having a decent stack..
      The other thing is because I'm being such a nit the rest of the time but only messing about with a short-ish stacked guy who im never going to lose too many chips to, it means those around the table who don't have gears to change up or down think im doing it all the time. Next time I 3bt someone's EP open (im almost certainly never bluffing here) and the guy eyeballs me with 10's! I have KK's again and do a hold for some more chippies!


      We've slowly and steadily chipped up to 120K ish and are slowing down even more on the pots we play. I have a theory and I doubt im the first one to think or say it but I reckon the chips I gain at this point of the tournament (avg is 38-40k) are no where near as important as any chips I lose... Might sound crazy but imo if I have 120k - 3.5x avg and I win a pot of 10k, woohoo I now have 130k and I STILL cover everyone.... But if I lose 10k and start to get down toward the 100-110k mark then I'm getting close to only double average and just one medium sized pot will take away the CL and all manouvering power for any difficult spots. I see a healthy stack like this as the 'free reign' to worm my way through the rest of the day, avoiding trouble spots and just value betting my way to stay roughly the same, potentially end the day near 200k if I'm fortunate in the last couple of levels... but anywhere north of 110k will be great.

      We see a few big pots go down and a few more leave the table when this hand happens. - doesnt involve us.


      Somehow there is a 3bt in the middle and its been called 4 ways with one person left to act preflop, the guy sigh puts in the extra 4k or something with around 25-30k behind and we see a 5 way flop in 3bp @ level 200/400 or something..

      9h 9d 2s

      Alan McBride open shoves his last 15k into the 25k or so already there, and John Kalmar is quickly behind him with his 25k, folds round and the final dude preflop literally does a cartwheel, moonwalks to the toilet and back, and then asks to borrow my chip shovel to get his stack in.

      Alan - Kc Kh
      John - Qc Qh
      Other guy - Qs 9s

      Well this is a little sick... the guys practically got a lock on a monster pot after doing a peel pre with the old Q9 sooooted.

      Kalmar gets up, sighs and off he goes pretty much and Alan says something like 'just my luck...' - ul Alan.


      And we have a 1 outer for Kalmar to take the lead in this monster pot bringing him close to me in chips and he just has to dodge a K or the last 9.


      (that's supposed to be a BRICK....)

      And Kalmar gets a miracle treble up and the other two are off on their todd with no chippies left.
      At the time I knew the action of it and tbh I really thought the QQ's were overplayed in this spot but maybe that's just me knowing Alan better than many players, either way this is one of a couple of hands where I thought John over valued a hand in a spot and that effects a decision in a minute.


      We carry on and over the course of the next hour or two we have fellow hero's Tom Langley, Sunil Mistri and James Tomlin all brought to the table... None of them have many chips but TL soon gets to work being a proper hero and makes a sweet

      Raise, cbet, check call, check call play.....

      On Jh 5h 8d 5s 8s

      With the mighty Kc Qs for a healthy 25k call on the river from his 40k stack.

      HE IS GOOD! well played sir and this is a perfect demonstration of his poker skillz, I honestly felt like Tom had an A high hand during the hand and through my own learning I thought this was a perfect spot to cc, cc the turn and river.. but it is still very hard to do when its the majority of your stack vs an unknown player and you have K high. All the props mate, wp. (its american for giving you a 'bigup')


      As we're bumbling along we get a new gentleman to our right and have had a little action with him on his btn my SB. (read I 3bt him, took it down pre and showed a 2s)

      Then we both order food and it comes at the same time.

      I used to use this as a great reason to get hyper aggro as most recreational players avoid anyone eating and playing... - they always have 'it'! But now ive learned that a lot of them still think you have it but they want to pay! I think its like a sick version of torture to themselves, they know you have it, they say "I want to pay, I know im beat but I have to see" then they pay. So now I genuinely don't bother messing around so much when eating, I just enjoy my food like a cash player in the vic 'Henry' says
      "if you can't enjoy your food at the table when why bother having it.."

      Then we find the mighty 2s 2h - this is what you call a PAIR... otherwise known as the AK crusher, or in general... the hand you 3bt people with, then don't look and always show a deuce!!!!! Cheesy

      The btn to our right opens and we take our time looking him up n down, and I don't know what it was but I felt like he had a high card hand and that he would bluff 4bt if i 3bt. So I needed to make up my mind now if I'm shoving on him or not when he 4bts?

      I decide that he has just over 50k and that my 150k stack is more than healthy enough to race if he sigh calls but tbh I expected him to 4bt fold hands like Jc Tc or Kd Qs based on the dynamic, even though this would be terrible to do so.

      I pull out the reraise and he quickly makes it a smallish 4bt.
      I think I made it something like 9.2k and he makes it 22k from 50k. I realise this sounds and seems insane... but I stuck with the plan and after a bit of thinking I announce All in, he confirms I have said the magic words and quickly calls and flips dem Ac Ah .... SIGGGGHHHHH!!!! first and only 'blowup' but I had thought about it and if he had a hand to call with I was happy to race for an average stack to get up to a bigger CL again.

      I realise now this is a mistake but at the time with live reads n all, I just made a misread.

      First two cards out are 3h 5c and I say to him "good luck, you're going to need it I fear...." Then BRICKS everywhere! WTF.... this isn't running good, I'm supposed to get out of the **** when I make a mistake and im running good! lolz.


      So we become a nit again.


      Now we're much closer to the middle of the pack but still healthy - 95k @ 1000/2000 avg was 50k or so I think...

      And we find Kd Qd in the SB to a Skalie open UTG to 5K and a Tom Langley flat in LP, I decide to peel as Skalie's continuing range will be crushing me if i 3bt and Tom can peel and play IP much better than I want him to.

      BB comes along and we see a pretty...

      Pot - 22K ish..
      Jd Td Jh

      Well that's pretty good, I'm almost certainly not going anywhere.... and was planning to check raise this flop with my enormous equity, knowing that even Skalie's Ad Ac would struggle to face a flop cr and turn shove...

      I check, BB checks, Skalie checks - WTF! didn't expect that.. and Tom Langley checks behind.

      Well this is interesting, I'm not sure if Skalie can check a real hand here but I definitely think that if he had Ah Kh he wouldn't always cbet this board 4 way... we're just going to have Jx in our calling ranges so much I think its probably burning money vs this players.

      Pot - 22K ish

      So this is pretty good, we've made a floosh and we have the K and the Q.. which is kinda bad.. makes it tough for anyone else to have Qx and they can't have Jx dd so we're not going to get much action, but we have a strong hand and a redraw to two straight flushes... so lets get it ON!

      We lead out for 10K and the BB folds, Skalie calls and TL folds.

      At this point I think that Skalie's range should be something like AA/ KK/ QQ, Ad Ko, Ad Qc, Ac Jc and the like.. with the occasional 5d 6d type hands. There might be Jd Jc or Ts Th some % of the time but tbh I think its a mistake to check this flop when its so draw heavy and people won't be folding their draws... I mean I was going to get the lot in if he bet flop! but I did have an oesfd + 2 overs.

      Pot - 42K

      I take my time as i've said and done before all day and try to work out what he can have, what he can call with, does he ever raise - with what... etc... and I eventually settle on a similar situation to earlier.

      There are very few hands that beat me, and he should never be raising the river with anything less than a full house, and probably never even Tc Th because its so easy for me to have Js Ts.

      Now I've decided to bet, but what about sizings... if I bet like 10k I get called a lot, but he might actually raise 5d 6d for value... or even bluff with Ad ..
      So I decide to freeze up his raising range and work out the pot at 40k. I decide to make it a big bet of close to pot and slide in my 32.6K bet.

      Skalie looks fine, not worried, stressed, anxious but also not settled and its hard to tell when you've only seen someone play a few hands, esp when you think they migh have overplayed a hand or two in your opinion. He gets his call together...

      AND THEN REACHES FOR CHIPS>......... ffs is this a joke?

      He makes it 70k dead and I insta-sigh, knowing i have to fold but decide to think about it first and make sure my logic for playing the hand like this was correct and I didn't make a mistake already.

      IT LOOKS LIKE I HAVE A HAND.... but then that must mean he has one of like 4 hands... JJ, 1010 or AdXd... He can't easily have Ad unless its like A2 or A4s... and therefore its like 3 combos of 10's and one combo of JJ. He only has to be bluffing 1 in like 5 times for me to call 37k more into 112k. That means I need to find ONE bluff combo... on a semi regular frequency, and why can't he have Ad Kh some % of the times? Calls turn to hit either overcards, straight or flush and then minr bluffs when its a gross spot for me.

      Eventually James Tomlin calls the clock and despite giving him grief about it... I have like 60k left and I have announced my hand to the table... I know its a fold, but only a few months ago I would have flicked it in and called it 'bad luck' when he has it.

      Instead I decide to stick to the plan - thats why we have one right? and bet fold this river.

      Skalie tries to needle me after saying something like "I had the Kd so I dunno what you're talking about..." wp sir... vwp.

      Tom Langley is talking to Jonathan McGill during the hand and he said Skalie ALWAYS has 10's full or quads there... I like the play in restrospect but it just sucked hard at the time.


      We're on the button and Tom Langley opens to 5k, is called in two spots and we find Ad Ac and make it 18.5k to play. It folds round and I'm not kidding when I tell you I see Tom gulp and then announce ALL IN, he knows i've thought about squeezing him a few times but havent' done it yet.... folds to me and I snap.

      He has dem Kh Ks and we do a hold to double back up and win everything and more back from our friend and someone we have a % in... after he's played like a legend all day and had worked up a 140k stack respectably.

      We're back in action and we're back in the chip leaders... Sunny Mistri just sighs and lol's @ how easy it is to lose 45k one hand and win 60k the next when he only has 35k and hasn't played a hand for over an hour.


      We work our way up to 190k in the last few hours of the day and continue playing solid all the way to the end, we finish on Tom High's table and unfortunately see him quickly exit to Ali Mallu (heard of him but never met him) when Ali decides to cshove 97 on 10108 vs Tom's QQ.... Tom can't hold and is tilted to be given back about 1.5bb's.


      After seeing Ali be a little bit 'speculative' to say the least we get into a pot IP with Ac Jd .

      Tc 9c 9d

      We decide to check this back and probably call call on any turn and river as we expect Ali to double barrell bluff A LOT when we check the flop.


      We call his small-ish lead...


      He picks up 22k and I'm happy to call even though it completes some hands.. I know he's going to try and rep the draw some % of the time and he doesn't vbet a 10 here.. so I'm fairly sure its air a lot and sometimes a flush.

      But then something goes off in my 'spidey-sense' as he picks up one more 5k chip and goes to slide it over..... something is NOT right about that extra chip. But I'm just not sure what. I have 171k and its a 27k river bet, I talk myself into paying with A high and he rolls over the mighty Jc 7c for a monster flop and good river. I was correct about him and his hand, just a shame he got there... Where was the J river for a sweet value cut from him? Cheesy

      never mind... we carry on and bag up 144k which puts us 9th on the day and eventually something like 20th starting on Day2!
    • binkmepls
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      DTD500 5 + 7 May 2012 Day 2

      We start the day on 144k and we're something like 20th of the 110 restarting, good times. Just have to remind myself not to hurry and that there will be a lot of <70k stacks that will bust themselves with poor short stack play. We have a pretty sweet table and get going!

      Think I actually turned up a little late and my initial table had broken before I got there... I was sat next to Simon Deadman but apart from that our table wasnt scary at all and had a few chips to try and pickup. Si was short but I soon sorted that when I shoved Kh bvb and he finds a wired pair of 66's! The 2s with my K does pair in the window but unfortunately I do not improve and I hand a tidy double up to Si early on. Then he starts messing with me a little, sounds like it was relatively standard but it annoyed me to have someone good on my left who would abuse me if I got the least bit out of line.

      I can't remember much from this first table as I played super solid and really used peoples stack sizes for most pre flop decisions and post flop was almost all value.


      Except this one hand....

      Many of you already know about this hand but for those of you who don't.... I had a guy come to my direct right I'd played with A LOT last year in Newcastle at the UKIPT in side cash games, this guy is a nice fella but not the best player and I think I won about 3-4bi's off him @ £1/2. :D :D :D

      I have a really good handle on his game and he is 99% to have not changed anything or learned or moved on in general, and if his MTT game is anywhere near as weak as his cash game I'm going to enjoy messing with him.

      I have about 180k I think and he's got just under 80k.

      After an orbit or so he opens in late position and I find the mighty 7c 2s and believe this to be a really good spot to start hammering on him. His range will be super wide here and when I 3bt to 20-25k I think he will be peeling too much and I then have to risk another 20-25k on the flop with a cbet. Vs me he won't be folding any pair on the flop, so instead I think the best way to win this pot long term is actually going to be winning it preflop. I work out I need to make it a bit bigger than 25k (his open was to 13k @ 2500/5000 I think).

      I make it 33k, which I realise in hindsight is actually massive but at the time my rationale is that to everyone else at the table it just looks like I'm setting him in, but I will have the option to reraise if they come along and he shoves. Also, that he vs me will not want to get in KQ/ J10s kinda hands and that actually his range will be something like 66+, AQs+... which is plenty narrow enough for me to steal this 3/4 times (think i have to to make it profitable). Also the tilt factor to this particular guy when I show should ensure I get all of his chips next time i do anything to him.

      He folds and I show... and Paul 'Peejay' Jenkinson is on the rail shouting - "OI Alex, its a JB blowup!!! GET OVER HERE NOW!"

      And then proceeds to tell me 'Im priced in when he shoves AK'... He's probably right maths wise - I haven't run the exact numbers but to me its something like this


      I have to call 50k more to win a 110k pot, which means I need somewhere around 40% equity to break even and obviously 72o doesn't have much equity vs anything.

      But if we range him at a wide range than I said - 22+, A10o+ and KQs then you find I'm something like 24.6% vs that range. Which means that actually my sizing was probably close to optimal if a tiny bit high but that it deceptively looks like I'm priced in when I'm not because of the hand I've chosen to do it with.

      Anyways, he folds we show and we win! so it WAS a good move! :D


      Either way within another hour or so I'm broken again and go to Ali Mallu's table and he now has 400k, I have 150k ish and I'm watching the regs at this table carefully. I felt like Ali was always going to be my real likely source of a lot of chips if I wanted to do battle with him, but it would likely mean fading some draw or crazy hand if i did.

      We observe a little bit going down and then its break time... in the changeup someone decides to change some of my 5k chips for some 25k chips and it looks like I don't have anything left. Turns out I actually have about 180k but I have 3 peach colored 25k chips with 5x 5k chips on top at the front of my stack in a '100k stack'. This is later the cause of some debate on blonde.............

      A little while in from the break and then this happened.


      I find Jd Jh MP1 and open - I think it was something like 13500, folds round to the SB who calls and then Ali calls from the BB.

      Jc Ts 5h

      The SB checks and Ali playing 350k looks to me, then to the SB and announces 'ALL IN'... I make sure I heard correctly first then once I recieve confirmation from the dealer I snap announcing 'nuts' as I turn over my top set.

      Ali has the mighty Qs 9c and we gota do a fade!....

      6h or similar

      6c or similar

      And I'm scooping up a pot worth 320k which is almost 2.5x avg with about 55 left - 35 getting paid. BOOOM!


      We chill out with our new stack and then go up to see Dan Muddiman at the next "break" or "john goes to toilet to talk to himself and make sure he doesn't spew break" as I now like to call them.

      And we borrow Dan's Ipad to then find that we're getting torn up on Blonde because of the way 'John said I know' was interpreted on the tourny blog. When Ali Mallu set me in I knew he hadnt noticed that I had 75k's worth of chips in peach at the front at the bottom, I knew he'd made a mistake but I'm not about to say

      "oh dont put me all in, you haven't seen my hand or how many chips I have yet, let me show you then make your decision."

      In my mind, poker is war... and if someone makes a mistake in this war; even the slightest misunderstanding of the rules, the game, the play, the players or the weapons then I'm afraid I will capitalise on this, kick him in the gutt and storm the high ground while shouting "I AM THE GREATEST!" as I go.

      It is your own damn fault when you make an avoidable mistake and you lose money, chips or your tournament life as a result.

      Anyway, after about 30 minutes of slating and questions I have some blonde hero's come to my rescue:
      - Some knew the story and pointed out it was bull**** and that I was fair and correct
      - Some know me and that I just #lovethegametoomuchtocheat in such a cheap and nasty way
      - Some know me the person and that I'm over enthusiastic and that my comments were almost certainly taken out of context or understanding etc..
      - Some just didn't want to believe the evil rumours..

      To all of you, thank you so much. It felt wonderful to be backed up and rooted for and stood up for in the way you did. It really was beautiful.
      That I can remember thanks specifically to -
      Alex, Peejay, Pleno, Pinchop,WotRTheChances, JK, REDDOG, Pugwashed, Girgy85 and Nirvana of course!
    • binkmepls
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      DTD Day 2 Part 2


      I'm going to have to emoticon and drumroll this puppy....

      :D :P :evil: :tongue: :baby: :D :P :) ;) ?( :] =) =) :f_grin: :f_p: :f_p: :f_p:

      Biggest hand of my poker career so far..

      Ali Mallu opens EP and I flat CO with Kc Qd , the BB comes along and we see:

      Pot 50k ish
      Qs 8h 3h

      The SB donks for 24k (from 90k) and I'm happy with this, he has Qx a lot here... rarely will he donk any monsters. Then Ali makes it 161k with only 100k behind and we cover...

      WTF do we do now, I am trying to work out what kind of hand Ali can have for value here that he wants to do this with.. the problem is wild players like he and Rastafish will sometimes do this with AA/ QQ, AQ type hands that they consider to be 'monsters' and they want to represent a flush draw. On the other hand I think he will also actually do this with a flush draw as it maximises his FE while putting max pressure on deep in a tourny and for the average player, playing the £500 @ dtd is often the biggest game of their month.

      I go over the hands I've seen him play, I go over every little bit of information I've gathered as I've effectively written off the SB. In my head/ opinion if I rejam here which is clearly my only option other than fold then he should be folding <AQ pretty quickly and easily.

      As I start to work through the hands I decide in my mind that Ali has more weak hands/ draws in his range and that this is a 'lets win this tournament not just cash in it' moment where we go with a spot we should be good/ ahead or crushing a lot of the time and when we're not we have outs. But it took a lot of heart and balls to follow my read and the maths of the situation. Only a few months ago I would have never reshoved here and would've rued it afterward either way.

      I cannot afford to be wrong here, It would be so sweet to see Qc Jc one time.... Ali Mallu has never cashed in this tournament... hold on why is that - it will almost certainly be because he bluffs too much! BOOOOM!

      After this mini-epiphany I reshoved pretty quick and it looked like he was sick to find out I was even in the pot. I later find out he didn't know we were 3 way until the decision was on me.

      He opens up the 9h 5h and we have another 30% draw to dodge - cmon!!!!!!

      We hold and are now CL with 48 left or something.


      After this its relatively simple and straight forward... between myself and the other big stack on my table on my right we won something near 90% of pots until the bubble but both instantly shut down after the bubble passed.

      Then properly nitted up for about an hour or two and waited for hands/ spots to steal blinds... My stack wasn't in any danger and I saw no reason to push anything on a table with plenty of chips and some people who didn't like to fold too much.


      Enter Rupinder 'George2Loose' Bedi.....

      Sigh, we know of Bedi but have never played with him. Seen a lot of his UKIPT TV stuff and know he's got game but at the moment he doesn't have many chips. So we decide to take it slowly and see how and what he does with the table and having the two big stacks to his left.......

      After a few hands he shoves 91k - 8bb's @ 6/12k UTG and I find Ad Td .. Which for me is really tough. I know he 'should' be able to shove wide here but also if he's good then he should know its better to wait two hands and shove atc's vs the big stacks than it is risk the whole table. I made the call and find myself dominated vs his As Qc and we do not win. Sigh.

      We continue to nit it up and after a 3bt bb vs Bedi's btn folds to his 4bt shove we play pretty snug from here on.


      Then we have a hand vs the young indian looking guy and he's been super splashy and not folding any pair on the flop so I was being aggressive vs him but I saw Bedi play a hand vs him where Bedi just kept check calling him down and he still 3 barrel bluffed, even making the river pretty small. So after this and a few other bits n pieces I decided to play my next value hand vs him pretty tricky.

      I flat As Qs pre in CO to his UTG raise.. (utg doesnt mean strong range to this guy)

      Pot 40k ish
      Qd Jc 3s or simlar

      He cbets something like 75k and I take some time then call... my plan was to tank call each street, raising for value on the river if i improved or the board stayed safe.

      Pot 190k

      This turn could make it look like I have draws if i peel again and its super unlikely to improved him to a better hand but it has almost certainly given a big % of his range pair + gutty or pair + oesd so if he checks I'm betting really big but when he bets 95k I decide to just call....

      Pot 380k
      2h or another equally awesome brick.

      He takes a while, looks at me, takes some more time and eventually puts together 125k.. at this point with his sizing along the way I have him on a middling strength type hand like AJ- Q10 etc.. and I'm 100% raising this river for value. I only have about 260k left and take some time then say the magic words 'All in'.

      After he finished apologising to his mum for being sick on his shoes and embarrasing himself he sigh calls off 1/3 of his remaining stack and has effectively donated 2/3 of his total stack before the hand to me in a monster 900k double up as he disgustingly mucks when I show my tptk.
      After this hand he just blows up and then open shoves for the next hour or two even though its 40bb's... LOL eventually G2L picks off his bluffs with AJ vs the guys 88 and obv G2L binks a turn..... :D mbn.


      I'm now in the top3 chip stacks and am continuing to play solid and work my chips well while basically staying out of trouble and watching others bust or blow up in front of me.


      I am 100% sure that the reason I went so deep on day 2 was because of a more analytical approach to live MTT poker, reminding myself of the bb's the levels of play and my mental maturity growth this year.

      I ran like god on day 1 for sure, and still made enough mistakes to not have 400k but day 2 was the best I've ever played, ever.


      From here on in we just play really solid, trying to keep G2L in check wherever possible but he's getting chips from the others and there's little I can do about that. We get in a few pre flop scuffles but I think he thinks im not 'completely ****' so I don't expect him to mess around too much as I have 900k and if he gets it wrong he will be on fumes.

      Other than this we play fairly standardly through the last 4 and last 3 tables, getting to the final 2. I'm running well, playing well, feeling great, seeing the blonde support and ready for my first DTD big even final table.

      Enter........................... Rupinder 'George I run so f*cking good at flips 2 loose' Bedi......

      G2L has been having some problems dealing with Callum Smith on his right as Callum has played a mean short-ish stack and has been eyeballing George a lot. When he tried to do something about it he doubled Callum up and had to start again.

      Then Callum opens the BTN to 90k @ 20/40k playing 650k.... G2L quickly moves in for 1 mirrrion.

      And we have Ts Th and a 1.3 mirrion stack! I instantly apologise to the table and see the 'panic/ worry' on G2L's face out of the corner of my eye. I know he's not strong but do I really want to potentially flip vs KJ/ KQ/ AJ type hands as I think he has these a lot! Problem is i start building his range to work out my equity as I know im going to be good a lot here but I want to work it out better.

      I will have 2.4 of the 10mil in play when I win
      I should be against a range of 22+,A8s+,KTs+,QJs,ATo+,KJo+
      I have 58% vs that range
      I should not fold here, esp vs the second best player left in the comp... sorry budi but I think Hulme is just on fire atm
      I will call and win.

      I reshove and then Callum sighs, laughs and says something about having the 3rd best hand in this encounter... I dont know what this means but hope it means that he's folded some of Bedi's outs.

      And I see the gut renchingly annoying KJo... So he has got 43.438% to play with, lets just win it John, that's what we do!

      Pot 2.3 million (11 left and 10mil in play)
      9h 7h 9d

      I'm like "that's a great flop, lets see another brick please.... even sweat me with a Q... I dont mind him hitting the crossbar"


      Sigh...... nevermind... still got 2 tens to hit.


      Oh right, yer.... that's another K that... yep. That pairs his card again, think that makes a good hand. Pretty sure we're in turble now.. better get paddling!

      I was honestly pretty gutted about that turn and river but I didn't say anything and sat down, worked out how man bb's I had and how I was going to play them. :D :D :D - (so proud of myself)


      We then get it in in consequtive hands with As Ts vs Ad Jh and chop that one..


      Then next hand with As 7s vs Th Td

      And with a supremely tasty Ts 9s 5h I somehow brick the entire world and am out 11th.


      I wasn't even upset, not one bit. I was and am chuffed I played so good, happy that I lost most of my stack in a great spot vs a very good player and that I didn't hold this time. I didn't put myself at risk unless I had to and as such managed to not win my way as far as i did.

      I lost less than the rest of them and at a slower rate.. THAT is how I made a deep run, and I intend to do the same again next time.

      Woah, that was a short one as always... hope you enjoyed it.
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      That was my most recent TR.....

      Apparently I don't do things in 'small' sizes.

      I hope you guys can take the time to read and to go through it... but the Cliffs are

      - trying to beat micro and small stakes online no limit holdem
      - satelliting into live tournaments for a fraction of the cost in order to 'bink' something decent
      - working as hard as i can on my game and want to help and learn from all who #lovethegame

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      Welcome to the forum John!

      Your blog posts have always been entertaining! Keep them coming!

      My favourites being the huge spews obv :D

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      Hi there!

      Welcome to

      Any friend of Pleno and Callum are a friend of ours!

      That's quite a read, I was a bit short on time right now, so I must sadly admit I skipped half of it, but I fully intend to read through and give proper feedback tomorrow!

      If you intend to keep updating this as a blog, would you mind if I move it to our blogging section rather than the introduction area?

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      Originally posted by fruktpuff
      Hi there!

      Welcome to

      Any friend of Pleno and Callum are a friend of ours!

      That's quite a read, I was a bit short on time right now, so I must sadly admit I skipped half of it, but I fully intend to read through and give proper feedback tomorrow!

      If you intend to keep updating this as a blog, would you mind if I move it to our blogging section rather than the introduction area?

      of course, please do. I asked Callumn where to put it and he didn't know.. :(
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      Hi binkmepls,
      Welcome to!

      At your request, I've moved your blog to the blogging section.

      Good luck!
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      John Black ITT! :s_cool:
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      Hey John, welcome to the community and to our blogging section :)

      That was quite an epic read and I look forward to hearing more from you!

      All the best,
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      Hello and welcome :)

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      Had a mental weekend and was the best man for a good friend of mine at his wedding, will do a 'trip report' of it sometime this week in my other blog. But managed to put a couple of 500 hand sessions in, still making a couple of mistakes but so many less than ever before.

      I feel like I'm really playing solid at the moment and love the game!

      I hope some of you have managed to get through the posts above, any comments welcome.

      Just gota get hold of Pleno for the video series for you guys. He wants to do a series, which I hope will be me going from 10nl up to 50nl (on a shot) and really work my game up. :D :D

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      toooo many worddddsssssssss
    • binkmepls
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      Yeah I know they're long.. but its because there's a lot in them.

      For those of you that play or are thinking about playing live, there is a lot of detail in them. And for those of you who lol @ live players, then loltroll ahead.

      Writing as much as I do isn't for everyone, but for those with the time/ patience to read I hope you enjoy it.

    • fruktpuff
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      I loved reading the first posts, but the updates have been scarce.. Looking forward to the trip report, sounds like it could be sweet!

    • binkmepls
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      Just played a 500 hand session and feeling great about the first 490 of them....

      Had a couple of tough decisions in the last couple of orbits on one table against this guy I'd been crushing.

      1. This is his first overbet, I don't like it and can't see much that I beat..

      2. This was a couple of hands later and decided to try and 'set him up' for another overbet.. as I figured he would expect it to work more than he should. I thought he was getting frustrated with me and esp with the hand above..

      3. This was a perfect finish and I decided to just flat the turn to cc any river, then on this one figured that actually they wouldn't be able to fold Ax and there is only 78 that makes sense and beats me.

      thoughts people??
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