StrategiPoint question?

    • Brejk06
      Joined: 27.04.2008 Posts: 39
      I recently started playing on Mansion Poker with your bonus and i have been playing about 4000 hands. PokerTracker claims my total rake is about 45$ and that would give me around 180 StrategyPoints. The problem is that according to PokerStrategy i only have 26 StrategyPoints. Can somebody please fill me in?

      PS. I have been playing NL10 4-9tables for about 18h total.
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    • tzveti
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      Keep track on when they are updated , under the tab "As of". Mansion has the bad habbit of not sending the rakelists to PS that often.
      Also, you must know that PT miscalculates the rake on mansion. Somehow, its actually less.