AQ shove 26bb vs UTG open on bubble

    • cvora
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      I am interested in your opinion if this hand....its 4 people to bubble, big 55$ on stars, i am just transfered to new table, have no info on any player, i am 26bb deep, and got AQo in bb, utg (table chip leader) opens 3xbb (pretty big in this spot)....Shove, fold, 3bet/call shove, or just flat OOP....Player who opens seems pretty fishy according to raise, but thats just assumption..... I shoved at the end and was snaped by 99, missed, railed.......:)
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    • Asaban
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      Hi cvora,

      I would like to ask you to repost your hand in our mtt hand evaluation forums. Furthermore please have a look at our rules for hand evaluations beforehand: click

      You should especially be aware of point 5. Otherwise the hand is very uncomfortable to read and therefore hard to imagine.

      Thank you :)