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[NL2-NL10] NL5 FR KKo

    • Chowchow12
      Joined: 04.06.2012 Posts: 463
      $0.02/$0.05 No-Limit Hold'em (9 handed)

      Was one of my first games against an unknown. It was really hard to tell if he was just bluffing me, or with the A he hit. I am still keeping strictly to the table on this. I don't really have anymore information than this. I folded out of safety, but I think that A scared me. Should I have tried to protect my hand more on the flop?

      Looking at it a second time, i feel he just hit J on the river, and I probaly should have called. Since I think he would have bet on the turn if he had an ace.

      Known players:
      MP1 = ($3.48)
      MP2 (Hero) = ($1.79)
      MP3 = ($5.00)
      CO = ($3.72)
      BU = ($9.45)
      SB = ($8.27)
      BB = ($2.18)
      UTG1 = ($1.87)
      UTG2 = ($3.89)

      Preflop: Hero is MP2 with K, K.
      3 folds, Hero raises to $0.15, MP3 folds, CO calls $0.15, 2 folds, BB calls $0.10.

      Flop: ($0.47) 8, 4, 9 (3 players)
      BB checks, Hero bets $0.20, CO folds, BB calls $0.20.

      Turn: ($0.87) A (2 players)
      BB checks, Hero checks.

      River: ($0.87) J (2 players)
      BB bets $0.50, Hero folds, BB gets uncalled bet back.

      Final Pot: $0.87.
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    • eXtremeACE
      Joined: 22.02.2011 Posts: 267
      Generally speaking, players at the NL5 will hardly ever bluff you, but of course that's just saying like in general, there are always a couple of them who stands out from the crowd. :D

      It's bad how a hands turned out to be.. I can basically give you my idea of how I would have played it, but wait for Gerv's opinion.

      Flop: You have to bet bigger here, IMO! Even if it's the driest of the board (which we can't really tell because we don't see the suits of the cards), you have 2 other players on the flop and you're betting for value so with 3/4 pot size you can't be wrong, for example 0.36$.

      (Can you write your hand here with all the suits and stuff next time, this way it's impossible for us to tell how (flush) drawy the board is, or isn't..)

      :diamond: On the turn had he checked like this I would continue with my betting, and re-evaluate if I get played back at me (like him re-raising us..)..
      :diamond: Had he bet himself, I would call (because re-raising halfs his range into mostly made hands, and folding is too weak for just one bet with KK) and re-evaluate on the turn..
      If he barrel on us again on the river I think I would give up then..

      Just my opinion anyways,
    • Chowchow12
      Joined: 04.06.2012 Posts: 463
      Originally posted by eXtremeACE

      (Can you write your hand here with all the suits and stuff next time, this way it's impossible for us to tell how (flush) drawy the board is, or isn't..)

      I need to get software, that is just what pokerstars emailed me. If I remember correctly the board was not drawy.
    • Gerv
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 17,678
      Hello chowchow12,

      By now I think I already redirected you to the Guide of how to post a hand so the next time you have a converted hand ready (including the suits :D ) so we can see it more clearly :)

      Without the suits I can think you should call the River if you play it this way. My evaluation can be spontaenously different if the Flop is rainbow or contains a flushdraw.

      Assuming it does not contain a flushdraw, I think checking back the Turn is fine but you have to call this River most of the time. If the Flop contains the flushdraw, I would bet 50% on the Turn just to get value from the draws & maybe pair of nines. Then you can check back the River

      Best regards,