Project X- Summer 3k$ Challenge.

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      Hi everyone,

      Today I decide to accept challeng. I though about what kinde of challeng shoud i take, and decide to take money challeng, beacues my parents thinks I`m useles,and poker isn`t best thing to do at my free time, so i want to prove them wrong, and earn money , to buy new car.
      Now i got Opel Astra 1995 1.6.

      So back to my challeng- Basicly my parents want to I have to find summer job, or stuff like that, but summer jobs in Latvia kind sucks. And if I don`t find any job, parent will no giving money for anything. So i decide to put some good volume on pokert i let see what will happen.

      Mostly of actions will on NL2 NL5 and NL10 on Pokerstar, but when i reach 400-500$ i will go to some Euro site, to clear off Bonuses and play Nl25 , I don`t really plan to take shots at NL50, because i want t earn money not burn against NL50 regs, and theres are lots of them.
      Plan is to plat somthing like 100-150k hands/month. But not really ssure how it will work out, but i hope for best.
      I`m not really decide what car i want, but, i thinking about Audi A4 or BMW 320 .
      So I hope will run hoter than hot, and after summer i coud buy new appertment. :s_cool:
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