Pokerstars regular stt-s vs turbos

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    • Salivanth
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      Basically none, if the blind levels don't change, only the durations. There may be slight changes that better players than I can elaborate on, but you'll be able to port your current game over, completely unchanged, and still be a winning player at whichever one you're not playing now.

      As for which one to pick, if you haven't picked one, I suggest turbos. They're slightly more random due to entering the late stage faster, so your ROI will drop slightly, but your $/hour should see a marked improvement.
    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, Luupainaja,

      I don't think there is any significant difference in approaching turbos or reg speeds. ICM stays the same due to 50:30:20/65:35 pay out in both cases, starting stack remains the same, players number is the same, it's just that having longer blind levels will advocate for more postflop play, better steal-resteal knowledge(IMO one of the biggest differences in these formats), longer bubble, bigger effective stacks when short-handed, etc etc. This all comes with new adjustments and if you are only used to push/fold mode on the bubble or 5-7 handed, then you might feel lost.

      Usually non-turbo SnGs are softer, your ROI should be higher, hence variance is lower, but hourly rate drops compared to turbos.

      <3 had a video series about regular speed SnG-Click. Unfortunately, you do not yet have silver status, but it is super easy to get or you can always subscribe for it. Def. worth watching these vids imo.