[NL2-NL10] [MSS SH] AA / flat x reg?

    • viccini
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      Hi there!

      My opponent is a 21/19 reg (538 hands) as so far he folded to 3bets 82% of the time (11 samples only). Should I flat pre flop (even being oop) trying to get more value from this hand?

      What about the post flop play? He cbets 81% of the time (43 samples). Is it ok to xr this drawy heavy board (I have reads that he goes broke with TPTK) or is there a better way to play this hand?

      thx in advance! = )

      $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Holdem
      6 Players
      Hand Conversion Powered by weaktight.com

      UTG ($12.42) 124bb
      UTG+1 ($10.52) 105bb
      CO ($9.76) 98bb
      BTN ($3.35) 34bb
      SB ($2) 20bb
      Hero (BB) ($4.51) 45bb

      Pre-Flop: ($0.15, 6 players) Hero is BB A:diamond: A:heart:
      1 fold, UTG+1 raises to $0.40, 3 folds, Hero calls $0.30

      Flop: 4:diamond: 6:spade: 8:spade: ($0.85, 2 players)
      Hero checks, UTG+1 bets $0.63, Hero raises to $1.66, UTG+1 folds

      Final Pot: $3.14

      Hero wins $3.04 (net +$0.98)

      UTG+1 lost $1.03
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    • Gerv
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      Being 6handed, I won't really flat here pre. I like to 3bet him the first few times as a bluff if he keeps folding so the times you have AA, you have him paranoid :D

      You need to know if he barrels or bluffs a lot on the Turn. There is no clear answer to this. I mean the broadway range just has nothing and is folding to check/raises here

      So if you do not have a straight gameplan before you make the call, just 3bet because then it becomes more familiar to you. Then you just study this situation away from the tables

      - Gerv