Pacific Poker bonus/ questions

    • darkonebg
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      Hello, I was hoping to receive some additional info.
      1. In order to secure the 50% instant bonus you need to have bet 20 times its amount right?
      2. How are comp points calculated?
      3.In what increments is the bonus released?
      4.Is it true that you have to generate twice the pending bonus as rake in adddition to the required comp points?
      Thank you in advance.
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    • TribunCaesar
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      As far as i know:
      1. yes
      2. ask the support of 888.
      3. instant release.
      4. please also ask the support of 888.

      Best regards,
    • finchybg
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      the instant bonus is very easy even on NL25, don't miss it!
      as for the rest of the bonus, for me it is impossible to clear the full amount on a limit lower than NL100.
      still 175$ is enough for me
    • drachdudek
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      Originally posted by finchybg
      the instant bonus is very easy even on NL25, don't miss it!
      everbody is saying "it is really easy", but i still didnt figure it out how many FPP do you need to be able to cash according their bonus policy they are saying you need 20x times amount of bets/wageres to be able to clear, and on some German forum people say you need 350points (probably FPP)..but i dont get, i was playing yesterday some hours on NL25 - NL100 (4-5 tables max) and for shure i have made some "bets" maybe 1x time amount of instant bonus, but i got only 7FPPs...what is not in correlation with what people are saying?! Do you have some thoughts and experiences playing there and when were you able to cash out?

      BTW, first experience about playing there is not so is OK, i had little more problems with software on Everest, but there is very very few tables, but table selection and comfort of play is suitable...