Slovakian Poker bL0g

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      Hey boys and girls :f_cool:

      My name is Joe and I am 19 years old :)

      I just finished Secondary technical school of civil Engineering.


      In the September, I continue on university in my hometown,
      but now Let's play some poker :f_cool:

      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:


      Poker site: Partypoker
      Game type: SnG , MTT
      Starting roll: 80 Euros = 100.0 U.S. dollars
      Limit: up to $3 SnG and MTT = almost 34 BI
      From the start Ill play only $1 BI

      MY GOAL:

      This blog will motivate me, I will post hands, graphs here. =)

      WISH Me all luck :D
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