other got flopped set

    • edgeatsix
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      early or middle stage of sng, if u got aces, fishy player donk bet over pot on the flop (like flop is KXX with flush-draw), u raise and he goes allin, what do u do?

      every hand is "set possible" but also low chance, we can neglect it when facing random joe or fishy players?

      (met countless sets last week.)
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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, edgeatsix!

      Welcome to our SnG forum. If a fish donks on Kxxss board and you decide to re-raise him, don't ever fold. We have an overpair vs a fishy player on a board that will he continue with many worse hands. Don't be results oriented if they sucked out on you 3-4-10 times or so. Brain works this way that you remember the bad beads over the times when you won with the aces or a hand that was an underdog. A bit harsh, but this is the truth.

      All in all, I won't ever fold in this scenario. Depending on flop/reads/stack sizes/players left, I might even call the flop to keep bluffs-semi bluffs within his range, although I doubt fish will be usually folding once he overbets.

      Why don't you post these hands in our SnG evaluations forums though? This way we can discuss more properly seeing the situations in details. Here's one:Click