Advices on getting back into the game for the summer

    • stevegold87
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      It's summer time!
      Which for me, means vacation time.
      For those of you don't know me I used to be a mod here and I played 9 man SNG's on FT until that blackfriday happened...then lost motivation and started uni in a tough program so I couldn't really play poker anymore.

      Anyways, I guess my point is that I haven't play poker seriously for over a year and I would like to know what are you guys opinions on the game, since I have no idea how tough the field is right now and if I can make some profit at midstake...

      I have like 5% ROI over 5k games mix limit 2$,6$ and 11$ in SNG 9 man on FT...

      Any idea how do I get back in shape? Mass ICM training? Re-Reading now the kinda outdated articles? Sweat sessions? (Never really worked out that much for me since they are so time consuming)

      I would like to make some kind of profit during the summer..

      Is the 45-180 man grinding on pokerstars worth it? I have no problems with multitabling if I can get decent money out of it..

      Should I join a smaller network and grind the bonuses? (Don't really like that idea since I want lots of traffic fish and easy access to my money..)

      Should I just play live? :P

      Cash games out of option for me since it has never been my strong point since the start...

      Omaha seems a bit hard to master and profit as well.

      I guess I would like opinions of current grinders on the status of :
      9 man SNGs on pokerstars
      Guarantees on pokerstars and possibilities of making money with them (big field tournies)
      45-180 mans and the how soft they are noawadays on pokerstars
      Other networks and why? Other type of games and why?

      Thank you all for your help and advices
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    • fruktpuff
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      Hi, nice to see you back!

      I moved your thread out of General Poker Discussion, since I think it'll be better here in Beginner's Questions for now.

      I guess we could move it onwards to the SnG discussion board if you would prefer that?

      I've also sent you a ticket, which you can have a look at here.

    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Oh hi there Mr Lemon :f_love:

      Hows it going? How are your studies? It's been a while!

      I always struggle to find motivation after a break from poker but as soon as i open a table i can't get enough of it.

      As for SNGs at stars i'll let someone else answer that for you since i don't really have a clue but as always stars is gonna be the toughest but maybe one of the only places you will get good volume from.

      I hear the $1 180 hypers are still soft :coolface:

      I've started playing Omaha recently and just :heart: it there is no way i could go back to NLHE now once you get to grips with the basics and used to folding A-hi flushes and full houses it's a really fun game with LOOOOAAAADS of fish to profit from.

      Anyway good to hear from you again sir hopefully someone who plays a lot of SNGs can come reply here and let you know whats going on at stars atm

      Best of luck whatever you choose to do, keep us updated

    • stevegold87
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      Thanks guys, good to b e back too, maybe if you can move this to the SNG forums because I doubt serious player will come answer a thread in the beginners forum.....but it's ok anyways

      Also Richard I won't answer the ticket yet since I have no idea what i'll do
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      Moved as requested.
    • fuzzyfish
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      Folding A high flushes?
      Folding full houses?

    • IngridN
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      Welcome back Lemon! :)
    • stevegold87
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      Thanks Ingy...Good to be back

      Seems like I won't get much help here on the forums anyways I guess I should just post in SNG blogs....or just find out by myself.

      I'm guessing the game is tougher, i'll figure it out....Probably will try a lot of huge field tournies because that's what seems attracting to me
    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, stevegold87!

      Long story short:

      SnGs are really getting tougher and tougher. I def. believe cash and especially MTT are much more juicier and profitable than SnGs nowadays. Ceiling is also low- traffic for 50$+ FR is bad- basically running on stars only and when you do get action-games are reg fested. I won't say there is no money in SnGs though. Especially on the low-micro stakes. If you decide to play SnGs- I would suggest u go for either MT SnGs-180man or 6-max games. 45man-no traffic for 30$s+ and they are also fested.

      As for improving your game- ICM on 6max is much easier to master, but you need to rely on postflop much more. You need to pay more attention in accumulating chips as your main goal is to come first instead of finishing ITM as a 9-player SnG strategy will suggest. Also, you open up your range a lot from late position as you need to steal more blinds-hence you play a wider range and have to take more marginal decisions.

      But once again- play with ICM- Wiz, ICM explorer,Nash are really helpful for that. Post hands in the forum-this is really important as well. Set goals every month and try to follow them closely. Session reviews with competent players/sweats are also helpful. Same with taking some coachings :)

    • stevegold87
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      Thanks for the reply and confirming my thoughts Kurrkabin.

      I will play MTTs...Maybe get a coach might be worth it for one hour to set myself straight...