Won the 5.5$ tourney in mansion

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      So i've playing internet poker for 3 months today and this morning i played the 5 dollar tourney in Mansion poker and won it. I've been playing in mansion NL10 SSS after i blew my bankroll in Full tilt and got a new one for advertising friends. The first time i played the tourney was last Sunday after grinding Nl10 and gaining a nice profit of 20$ i though i wold give it a go sience the blinds were really nice after every 12 minutes which is great for waiting good cards. that day i topped over 350 players and busted just few tens of places b4 the money. Knowing thats the tourney i could beat I tried again yesterday and again busted b4 the money. So today i played a little session of Nl SSS and after gaining 5$ i decided to buy in to the same tourney again. I kept getting good card and people payed me off with nothing and for the first break i was the chipleader and was til the final table. than one guy took the lead because the second hour wasn't paying me off that easy as everyone folded when i was in the BB with AA.
      so i sat in the final table till 5 peple had busted out only defending blinds and stealing some too. And then the bust out frenzy began i busted out the medium stack with AT after getting a top pair Ts which held. then i got a slight chiplead and called the chipleader with AKs after getting a raise with my initial raise. Flop was AKx and i checked and the super agressive cl went all in with A7 i called and was the cl with over 50K chips over the next guy (~20blinds more) and after busting out the smallest stack with top pair Ts again i was 2-1 cl going to the heads up we changed blinds and few small pots which gave me almost a 3-1 cl. the final hand was QK vs AT i had the QK but i decided to call tho i knew he had an Ace atleast but i flopped 2 pair and the win was mine.
      won a total of 267$ after topping 177 players.
      feels great bankroll is now 327$
      so feel free to congratulate me :D

      warning uncropped image

      planning on playing NL20 SSS and when i am finished reviewing the BSS articles i am going to start playing NL10 BSS
      and MTTs obviously :D :D
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