Omaha Noob - Best site to start at for cash tables

    • ferretboy69
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      Hi peeps,

      I've started learning and playing Omaha on Pokerstars and 888, 888 has a limited amount of cash tables but seems loose. Pokerstars has more tables but will this be a harder site to start with.

      I have an account on Partpoker if this would be a better place?

      Thanks in advance.

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    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Hey ferretboy69,

      Im a PLO beginner myself how are you finding it? I :heart: it so much already.

      I wouldn't recommend starting at Party because if i remember right the PLO tables only start at PLO25 :( 888 is super soft for all game types imo as is microgaming although i'm not sure how high the rake is there. I've only played zoom on stars, so maybe someone else will be along shortly to give you a more detailed answer.

      Have a good Thursday
    • Kyyberi
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      Why would PokerStars be a hard place to start? Big volume means more bad players, and option to table select. I definitely suggest PokerStars.