Multi table with dual Monitors

    • mlkelim
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      Hi. i got dual Monitors for online poker. Multi table with it.
      So the problem is when i open up 14 table
      and i use the Tile
      only 4 table are tile on my left screen and the rest of the 10 screen was tile on my right screen. is there any way to more it tile like 7 on the left and 7 on the right?
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    • crashyy
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      Depends what site you are on. Some you can save the layout of the tables. party and stars both 100% allow this.

      Or you can use some 3rd party software like "placemint" google search will point you the right direction.

      7/7 is kinda akward. youd be better off with a 6/6, or 9/9 on each monitor. a 8/8 might even be better. Also depends on the res of the monitors you got