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my 770 review - starting capital

    • gavinonymous
      Joined: 18.12.2008 Posts: 1,146
      some positives and negatives about my experience with 2nd starting capital at poker770. Caveat: I'm fastidious and notoriously difficult to please.

      1) immediately I noticed that traffic for my games would not be enough to clear the bonus.

      2) the capital restricts the BI amount severely, limiting you to an unprofitable rake proposition

      3) to overcome 2, I made a deposit, also to see about bonus but there wasn't nearly enough traffic to complete bonus (I play MTT's and MTSNG's) and the rake seems high.

      4) I don't want to have to play cash to race for a bonus, especially after reading other reviews, and I'm suspicious about reports of bot networks.

      5) as soon as I signed up and went to deposit a popup came up with an agent that was honestly annoying and off-putting. It kept popping up and made me want to leave the site right away.

      6) the capital appears in $10 increments, kind of useless to me (one BI from my BRM) hence the deposit. even after my deposit full capital appeared I had to request a removal of bankroll restrictions - this was done to my satisfaction, but I'd rather not have the restriction at all - especially when I've deposited $300 and find I can't play - no matter how brief a period it's disconcerting.

      7) after trying a few tournaments I found it was difficult to find games to play, the interface confusing - sorting and finding tourneys was much more difficult/frustrating than I'm used to.

      8) I did not like the game interface, especially the casino games buttons everywhere to disable.

      9) support contacts me after a few days of playing saying they now need to 'validate' me and can't reach me at my phone number?? why do they even need to phone me? besides, I'm traveling and have no phone to answer.

      10) I got the same message 3 times from support about my number.

      11) I'm cashing out. . I don't care about the bonus, even if it was clear-able (which I doubt based on the traffic and tourneys I would play)

      all in all, not a great experience. mostly the software and the support put me off. also the traffic, and the reports of bots. If I were to improve the service I would

      a) release all starting capital at once

      b) not impose BRM restriction. we are on pokerstrategy and have passed a test to ensure we know about BRM to receive the capital in the first place.

      c) reduce rake on tourneys - 20%? really?? why wouldn't anyone play on a site with much more traffic and much less rake instead? maybe they don't like SNG/MTT players on ipoker?

      d) not require further confirmations. if they let me deposit through srkill then that's ok for them, but now they need to 'validate' me' for no reason? skrill knows who I am, poker770 can be happy with that validation.

      e) improve the software. IMO it's a mess really.

      other than that, I liked the fact that I could get strategy points for simply depositing. that was nice. poker770 reps can feel free to contact me if they want to improve their customer experience. I will try to be constructive.

      here's hoping my cashout goes through with no problems.. i'll be well tilted if there is any delay/funds held hostage.
  • 2 replies
      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,027
      Thanks for your feedback gavinonymous :)
    • Deadbillis
      Joined: 24.08.2011 Posts: 308
      i agree with your feedback, been playing there since first starting capital and bonuses are impossble to clear on micros unless you risk their cash tables.

      MTTs are very fragmented and it's hard to get a good multi table session going on them.

      As for sng!! I timed it a 15minutes to launch 6 x $1 single tables turbos the other day!!!! No way to get a decent session in.

      I also find their tourny filter is very limted and does not cut out the satalites (which are the biggest waste of time).

      I'm also cashing out but I've managed to gain 11k points so I'm going to turn into tokens and play with that.