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      Hi Y'all,

      I am Andy9999555. I have had this account for a longer time but have never been any active on this forum. Was on 2+2 until this day when a mod decided to move my complaints about pokerstars to the Zoo two times (without any explanation why). I think he did it because Stars notified him. The thread was about my account being frozen after registering a new account on pokerstars.es just as pokerstars support told me to do. I will post the details in another thread. I hope this forum really represents the players and not the poker sites.

      I am playing online MTTs up to 50$ even though I am not yet profitable at this level yet. My ROI is only positive up to 10$ on stars.

      Enough bla bla. Have fun at the tables and g00d luck.

      Andy9999555 aka Mii (on 2+2)
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