SNG low blind QQ 3bet/call push ?

    • newsat
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      late QQ 120BB

      A(early player, 60BB) openraise 3BB

      B(next player, 45BB) call

      all fold

      I raise 10BB

      all fold

      A push

      B call

      I should have called ?

      and if I have 60BB on same condition ?
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    • kurrkabin
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      Any reads will be helpful, but usually, we need to fold QQ after 2 all ins before us. The thing is that I really doubt player B has a hand that dominates us(unless we have reads he flats KK, AK f.e.), so we mainly bother about A's open raise range. If he is a tight regular player or just a tight unknown that seems competent, I would prefer to flat with QQ having position as this is a huge positional advantage(gaining extra info from where we stand in the hand) + if we 3bet, we have to 3bet/fold, which is not good with QQ as we turn it into a bluff.

      If you had 60bb-it's the same thing. I prefer call over re-raise + if we re-raise, I prefer 3bet/folding as played. It's more eff. stack sizes that matter.
    • cathal08
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      IMO i think it was a good and responsible laydown QQ is a strong hand but against 2 opponents all in your risking elimination with 120BB you would most likely be in a race or behind at least 1 of them
      you played it well good fold