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    • silentsamui
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      Hi all new williams hill players, the new welcome packages you can get are little confusing, when the say instant or immediately they actully mean Wednesday. so if you make deposit, you must wait to Wednesday to get the bonuses. So i will wait and see what happen :)

      I get an email as new player.

      """Warm up your poker hands and get ready to play William Hill Poker!
      On your first deposit or transfer of $20 or more, we will match it and give you an instant CASH BONUS of $20* to double your bankroll!

      This offer is on top of the New Player Package worth more than $4000"""

      """Simply deposit or transfer $20 to your Poker account and get an instant CASH BONUS of $20. This means you can start playing immediately with $40 in your account"""

      The friendly staff at williams hill say im little confused and dont understand.
      Im think they right, instant and immediately actully mean Wednesday. so if you make deposit you wait to Wednesday to get the bonuses.
      So i will wait and see what happen.

      I tried to withdraw my deposit of 25$ with no success, i must verified thats im 18 year old, how did i get the money in the site, with my visa card. 3 hours later i must send passport and after 15 hours or so no reply from them.
      Now i decide not to withdraw my 25$ or actully i cant either :) . I will see what happen next, i hope william hill are a good poker site but after my first contact im little confusing, but i keep my hope up for some good poker hands on Wednesday with wiliams hill.

      Just a notice, i ask the chat before i deposit 25$, if i get the bonuses and they couldnt really answer me, but the email say i get and staff say i get on wednesday so im confident.
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      Hi silentsamui,

      I took a quick look around their website and I do not see this promotion. However, if they have emailed you this it may just be relevant to certain players only.

      Let us know if they contact you again and keep us up-to-date with any developments in this matter.

      Kind regards,