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Possible error on the quiz

    • boozaf
      Joined: 02.12.2009 Posts: 140
      Good evening

      I might be sleepy (4:10 am now), but I think I found an error on the quiz 'FL: odds and outs for advanced players'.

      I tried PMing HollyMichelle since he's been so helpful with me all the times I needed but the button was blocked.

      So... I decided to post it here (with high hopes not to look as or say anything foolish until I finish). ;(


      Question 6.

      Preflop: Hero is MP3 with ThTs
      UTG+2 raises, MP2 folds, Hero 3-bets, 4 folds, UTG+2 calls.

      Flop: (7.5 SB) Jd, Ah, 8h (2 players)
      UTG+2 checks, Hero bets, UTG+2 raises, Hero ?

      UTG+2, who has already shown strength before the flop, check-raises you here. You can't consider yourself ahead anymore. What do you do now?

      fold (1 Points)
      call (2 Points)
      3-bet (0 Points)

      Your answer fold (1 Points)

      You have to see yourself behind again, meaning a 3-bet would be pointless. You don't have too many outs here and he will rarely fold any better hand here. You thus continue according to odds and outs.

      How many discounted outs do you have?
      You have 2 outs to the set, which you don't have to discount. These outs might complete a gutshot, but you would then still have 10 outs to the full house. A better set is rather improbable, too, because MP2 would have capped the flop in that case. You also have two backdoor straight draws: the 2-gap BDSD with ace and jack, worth 0.25 outs and the 1-gap BDSD with jack and 8, worth 0.75 outs. On top of that, you also have a 1-card BDFD with the T, which could also be worth 0.75 outs here. All things considered, this leaves you with 3.75 or ~4 outs.

      How big is the pot?
      The pot is 10.5 in size.

      How high are the costs?
      You are last to act and thus have to pay exactly 1 SB.

      Comparison of odds and pot odds: decision on call or fold?
      4 outs correspond to odds of 10.5:1, which is exactly what you get here; you can thus call.


      O.k., now, 2 outs on the set; fine (and all the arguments presented further are also plausible).

      Now for the 2 BDSD: the first one (2-gap with ace and jack) isn't worth 0.25 outs as it says because this is a 2-suited board; the value for it as it is shown in the chart is 0.
      Consequently, the 1-gap with jack and 8 also isn't worth 0.75 but rather 0.5 outs.

      0.75 outs to the BDFD and you have a total of 3.25 outs.

      3.25 outs is roughly 14:1. If you want to round it up (3.5 outs), it would be about 13:1.

      In either case, you're getting 10.5:1 which makes this decision more prone to folding then calling.

      As it was pointed, you have to see yourself behind, so in close decisions tend to fold. Since all this little outs counting is a matter of a very close decision, I thought it was important clarifying this up. :)


      Well, that's it, hope I didn't bore you guys to death and hopefullly the sharks :s_mad: won't get too angry about anything stupid I might have said. :P

      Thanks a lot ;)

      P.S.: All in all, this is more just a matter of having somebody change the A8s to A8o. :D
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