E-mail notification for Hand Evaluation

    • gxtwo
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      My suggestion is:

      If there was a way to automatically have an E-mail notification when a coach or anyone replies to your Hands posted for evaluation.

      As the HE forum is pretty busy and its easy to forget what/ when you posted hands.

      I know you can "add to favorites then turn E-mail not' on" but this is pretty time consuming, and not very practical when you are posting a number of hands. This method also cloggs up your favorites, and is once again time consuming to delete them afterwards :(

      What do people think? :D
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    • fruktpuff
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      Hi gxtwo.

      To the first part of the problem, when you are creating a thread (or replying to one), in the options pop-up below the left corner of the input box, there's the option of "Email Notification: Notifies you by email every time there is a new post in this thread."

      This should save some time from the add to favourites then turn email notification on.

      I do however fear that this may be what it does, so with regard to how it will clog up your favourites, the problem may remain..

    • VorpalF2F
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      Here is another thing that you might want to try.
      If you go to the community, and look at your personal profile, on the right-hand side is a number labelled "Post Count".
      Right-click that number, and open in a new window.
      You will see all of your recent posts in order with newest at the top.

      If you right-click the ones you are interested in, then choose, "open in new tab", then you can quickly review all of the threads you have recently participated in.