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Staying uncalled

    • DagPetter
      Joined: 04.06.2012 Posts: 3

      I am fairly novice in poker. Read a couple of books and some of the articles here. And the articles especially has helped me a lot. I've started to play tighter, started to see some profit.

      But then... For the last five KK-AA I've only gotten the bloody blinds. When ever I raise four blinds. Even less, everybody folds.
      I play on Titan Poker, only 0.1-0.2 tables.

      Now, I am certainly doing something wrong. But I don't think it is playing tooooo tight. As the stats says I usually see 25% of the flops within about 100 hands.

      So when ever someone actually calls me. I get excited and lose the whole bloody stack I've earned over the hour/hour and an half usually.

      Anyone have any educated guesses about my play?

      Thank you,
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    • maheepsangari
      Joined: 08.06.2010 Posts: 2,163
      Everytime you have Aces or Kings its not your divine right to get paid. Even if you go all in with Aces against Kings its not supposed to guarantee a win.

      You're not doing anything wrong, you just need to be a bit more patient. In the long run Aces and Kings will fetch you a lot of profit.

      If you're seeing 25% of the flops then its not too tight its fine. Just make sure you keep playing an aggressive game. If you're playing 25% of the hands then you should be raising atleast 20% of the hands, if you're not then it becomes obvious that you have something strong when you raise.

      Usually when on tables my raises don't get called I take that opportunity and open up my range and start raising looser untill people adapt to it. If you want to try something like that go ahead, just don't get carried away.

      For now just focus on a tight pre-flop game and try to fix whatever leaks you have in your postflop game. As you gain experience and confidence you'll start loosening up your range and adapting to the dynamics of the table where you'll start exploiting certain situations like if you aren't being called enough or on the contrary you're being called too much.

      From my experience people at NL2 pay you off nicely and call a lot. Maybe your sample is a bit too small right now and as you put i more volume you'll start seeing some action.
    • TonyRice
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,373
      Hey there DagPetter

      How is your Monday so far?

      Are you playing Full Ring (9max) or Short Hand (6max)? for Full ring (FR) 25 may be a bit loose but for 6max its fine. Also how many hands have you played in total because if you've only played a few hundred you could have just been running really hot and had a lot of good cards dealt to you which has made it seem like you are playing a lot of hands but in reality you have only been showing the other guys at the table premium hands every time.

      Some good advice from maheepsangari above, pay attention to your table if guys are folding in the blinds a lot then keep stealing from the button or the cut off until the players start playing back at you also if someone is trying to steal your blinds a lot then start 3 betting him keep doing it again until he starts playing back at you.

      Even little things like that can see your winrate improve. As for the AA and KK just keep getting your money in the middle nothing you can do if they get busted so be it you're doing nothing wrong.

      Good luck with everything
    • DagPetter
      Joined: 04.06.2012 Posts: 3
      Appreciate it fellas.

      I always play full ring as it is adviced for such as me. I've played 1100 hands now. And for the last 700 or so, I feel I am starting to get a grip on it. But as I get a grip on it, people seem to tighten up on me. Then after a while I go too loose. Probably of boredom and seek of action after a while... A proper leak for sure.

      I don't think that AA-KK will pay off at once. However, it is bugging me that I at times can play any card and the full ring folds.

      But I trust you're right and it's just a little thing. Let's see how it goes these days.

      Cheers folks.
    • maheepsangari
      Joined: 08.06.2010 Posts: 2,163
      1100 hands is a very small sample and you're probably thinking way too much into it.

      If you're comfortable also start playing more tables and you won't get bored due to inaction.

      Seriously speaking you shouldn't even be thinking too much about inaction right now at NL2. Trust me you'll get a lot of action. You'll have people going in with random shit like A6s when you wake up with aces. Thay'll make a flush and suck out on you but thats a different story :D , nah just kidding they won't.

      At NL2 almost everyone plays level 1 of poker which is trying to figure out what hand they have. Then comes level 2 where they try to figure out what hand you have followed by level 3 where they try to figure out what hand you think they have.

      Don't expect them to play at Level 2, When they fold to your action, they just didn't have anything.
    • VorpalF2F
      Super Moderator
      Super Moderator
      Joined: 02.09.2010 Posts: 10,748
      Originally posted by DagPetter
      ... And for the last 700 or so, I feel I am starting to get a grip on it. But as I get a grip on it, people seem to tighten up on me.
      I have to agree with the other answers, and to them I'll add the advice to post any hands that give you problems in the Hand Evaluation Forums.

    • ThatGuyMatt
      Joined: 03.12.2010 Posts: 3,765
      Hey DagPetter,

      There is simple nothing you can do if the Villain has no hand to play with you, after all, if you hold two A's it means there are alot of less hands that want to come along for some fun, right? :P

      To begin with, it is difficult to fold AA Post-flop so you may end up losing an hours profit but in time you'll learn to fold them and start to get more value in other spots, just continue to study and it will all come together soon enough.

      I'd storngly suggest that you join our NL Beginners course as you just starting out in your Poker Career :)
      The course will help you grasp the basics on Poker using the BSS(Big Stack Strategy) where you join the table with 100Big Blinds.
      You will start of by creating your own "Locker Room" thread where you introduce yourself to the School & Coach, this is also used to post your future homework tasks into, for marking.
      You can also use the Locker Room thread for any questions you wish to ask the schools Coach, such as:
      :diamond: 3 Players have limped/called, I have 6 :heart: 7 :heart: , what should I do and why?
      :diamond: How can I avoid Tilting so much?
      :diamond: How do you define a "Loose" Player
      Ask absolutely anything! There is no such thing as a stupid question :)

      Once you have your Locker Room thread created, you can begin the learning! We have 8 Lessons for you to study, along with a Homework task with each. You will start out learning "An Introduction to Texas Holdem" & "Your Poker Mindset", you'll then move on to various subjects as you progress through the course such as "Postflop Play" and "Odds".
      There is no rush to complete each lesson, you can take as long as you wish, or even as fast as you like! :]

      The course will point you in the right direction, aiming you towards the most appropriate Articles & Videos suitable for a Beginner, you'll also be able to attend our Live Coaching Sessions, in this you'll be able to watch the Coach Play Micro Limits in Real Time, see how he plays, ask him why he plays specific hands in different ways.

      If you have any questions, or anything your unsure about, feel free to ask us! :)
    • DagPetter
      Joined: 04.06.2012 Posts: 3
      Appreciate it, fellas.
      After a couple of hours more on the tables. It seems it was only a tight table at the time. And perhaps my transition from Betsson to Titan, as I find Betsson to consist of a lot looser players. The level on Titan seems to be higher at lower levels.

      Which I guess is very good. As it sort of struck me and put me straight back into the article reading chair :)