Table Selection Filters

    • metza
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      So moving from Zoom to CG, I've tried to set up my table selection to target the fishiest possible tables based on huge VPIP and huge Avg pot size, but more often than not, other people swarm to these tables, and I managed to stack a fish on one, but the other three times I played other people got em first, and then you just end up with an extremely nitty table (like in one case the guy who was in BB when I was on button had 2% VPIP over 100 hands no bs, stole his blinds every single time it was folded to me, but was soooooo boring).

      Is it better to lower your criteria slightly and get tables that aren't as fishy but less likely to dry up? What are some good filters to put on for NL2 w TAG BSS, I can't read the silver article on Table Selection as I stopped playing on Poker770 and am now dropped to bronze :f_frown:
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    • zobupasts
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      Look for tables with big average pot and/or high payers per flop percent.

      If you wanna play at good tables all the time you have to be table jumping a lot. I don't think that table selection should be a problem at NL2 though.
    • DrDunne
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      yeah i agree. nl2 on stars is okay but the second you look at nl5+ it turns a little nitty. i have come to realise that players per flop is more important than a huge average pot. you could be on a table with lots of 3betting going on but it doesnt necessarily mean it's fishy.