Discount rate for Betfair points

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      I'm not sure I understand well all this:

      Commission is calculated by multiplying your net winnings by the Market Base Rate, as shown on the Rules tab. From this we will apply a discount. The more you bet with us the greater the discount you will receive.

      The size of this discount, or your Discount Rate, is determined by the number of Betfair Points you have accrued on your account. Betfair Points are earned in proportion to your betting activity - the more you bet, the more points you accrue, the greater your Discount Rate. Please note that your discount rate will be capped at 20% unless you have completed Betfair's Know Your Customer check requirements.

      You earn Betfair Points every time you bet on a market. You will earn 1 point for every 10 pence of commission paid (if you have net winnings) or implied commission (if you have a net loss). Betfair Points are awarded equally whether you win or lose.

      You have net winnings in a market of £400.
      The Market Base Rate is 5%.
      Your current Discount Rate is 40%.
      Therefore the commission you pay is £12 (£400 x 5% x (1-40%)).
      You earn 120 Betfair Points.

      For the purpose of calculating Betfair Points your commission or implied commission on a market is rebased to British Pounds at the time of settlement.

      Your Discount Rate is calculated from your current Betfair Points every week. This occurs at midnight (GMT) every Sunday using the table below:

      Betfair Points Discount Rate
      From To
      0 999 0%
      1,000 2,499 2%
      2,500 3,999 4%
      4,000 5,499 6%
      5,500 6,999 8%
      7,000 8,999 10%
      9,000 10,999 12%
      11,000 12,999 14%
      13,000 14,999 16%
      15,000 16,999 18%
      17,000 18,999 20%
      19,000 20,999 22%
      21,000 22,999 24%
      23,000 25,999 26%
      26,000 28,999 28%
      29,000 31,999 30%
      32,000 35,999 32%
      36,000 39,999 34%
      40,000 43,999 36%
      44,000 48,999 38%
      49,000 54,999 40%
      55,000 60,999 42%
      61,000 66,999 44%
      67,000 72,999 46%
      73,000 79,999 48%
      80,000 87,999 50%
      88,000 95,999 52%
      96,000 107,999 54%
      108,000 125,999 56%
      126,000 149,999 58%
      150,000 - 60%

      Once your Discount Rate has been calculated, your Betfair Points balance is reduced by 15%. This is known as the Weekly Decay. If you continue to bet at the same level each week, your Discount Rate will remain unchanged. If your Betfair Points at any time imply a higher Discount Rate, you will move to that rate immediately.

      Discount Rates are applied at the time of market settlement rather than bet placement. These might be different for you in long term markets.

      The Betfair Points Statement within your My Account section provides a full history of your Betfair Points, showing changes as a result of your betting activity, weekly decay and any relevant promotions. This statement also shows your current Discount Rate.

      You are able to prevent the weekly decay of your Betfair Points by using a Betfair Holiday. You may continue to bet during your Betfair Holiday but will not earn Betfair Points for any markets settled during this period.

      You earn one Betfair Holiday when you register and one additional Betfair Holiday every three months thereafter. You may use your Betfair Holiday at any time but cannot accrue more than four unused Betfair Holidays on your account.

      The Betfair Holidays section within the My Account section provides a calendar of the next 26 weeks and enables you to book or cancel Betfair Holidays for any of these weeks.

      Is this for poker or only for sporting bets?And if is valid for poker too, what should I do?To change my points weekly or wait and gather more?
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      Actually Weekly Decay part I don't understand exactly how it works.

      My situation is this: righ now I have 23,040 Betfair points and 28% discount rate.I didn't played poker since 11 june, and last week my discout rate was 30%.I start playing again today but I don't know how much rake I need to make to not loose again on Sunday when they will calculate again.

      What is your advice for me?To spend the current store points, and to do allways the same when I plan to take a short vacation?Or it's worth to gather more and endure the decay even this week to have a bigger discount after 3 weeks, because I plan to grind 3 weeks without any distraction?