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      So yesterday had a lot of fun reading these #RealIveyTweets. Apparently Tony Dunst came up with this idea to write 'Real Phil Ivey tweets' because it's clear that Ivey has someone else writing tweets.

      Here we can write our own #RealIveyTweets

      Ones that I liked the most so far:

      Cesar Samaniego ‏@OMG_LadyGaga
      One Drop has rebuys right? #RealIveytweets

      Brad Mendelson ‏@BradTags
      O man now I have to wait a whole 'nother day to be at a final table. #realiveytweets

      Mike McDonald ‏@MikeMcDonald89
      "Everyone registering for onedrop mentions how its for such a good cause. Thanks for the support" #RealIveyTweets @philivey
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