how do you deal ?

    • krasilaptop
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      You played all day
      You played bad and consequently yuo've lost
      You start playing well at the end of the day
      And then you loose an all in on the flop for 600bb 73%- 27%

      How do you deal with this fucking part of the game
      This makes me angry mad furios right now I wanna kill somebody X( X( X(

      And this is not the first time that it happens to me I play bad and I loose and after starting playing well I keep on loosing big pots because 20% or 30 % beats me when we are all in
      So you loose even more
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    • zobupasts
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      Insta check "sit out next BB" when you start feeling angry. Than go do something else (gym, make dinner, take a walk, whatever you like). When you feel calm again and are ready to play your A game- play again.
    • DoigteurFou
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      If you're losing money don't play 600bb deep.
      If you're prone to tilt don't play too deep, as mistakes are really costly when playing deep.

      Edit: I'll add some explanations maybe.
      The more money you play with and the more decisions you take in postflop play. If you are losing money and don't know why, there must be leaks in your game you didn't find yet, and therefore couldn't correct.
      The main advantage in playing deepstack is exactly the fact that you will allways be able to play for big pots if you want to. This means that all the money decisions can be as costly as you are deep.
      When you play better than your opponents, it means that they do more mistakes than you. Therefore, playing for more money -hence playing "deep"- will lose them more money (and win you more).
      If you are losing money, it means that for the moment you are overall taking costly decisions over beneficial ones. Playing deep will just make these decisions more costly, just avoid for the moment, it is really the safest way to go.

      When playing deep, a lot of complexity kicks in, the strong hands are not the same ones because implicit odds are different. Depending on how deep you are and how behaves your opponents, you will have to adapt effectively to the game. Just don't bring too much complexity on yourself. Poker is already complex enough, don't try to solve everything at the same time :) . Play standard bigstack, avoid playing with more than 130bb (don't know really about when we are considered "deep", but I find myself starting to be confortable at a table when having around 150bb (god I LOVE playing deep!).

      Good luck at the tables, good learning during your session reviews, and feed well your mindset :)
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      Both very good pieces of advice.

      I'm moving this thread to our "Learning to Win" board, which deals more specifically with poker mind set topics.

      Hopefully you'll get even more good advice.

    • t7777777
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      Hi all

      I always leave a table if I end up with more than 200bbs. That way I stay out of trouble and conserve my winnings for that session.
    • ZeroDegrees
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      This weekend I tilted badly too, was surprised at the high degree actually. I lost all. What I've done before and what has worked is:

      -observe when you're going towards tilt and leave right away when you know you're not winning anymore. If it's really bad it doesn't matter if you have 250% equity in every hand. You will lose anyway. Sometimes bad luck and tilt go hand in hand.

      -take a break from poker. You said you got furious, was the same for me (amaseing how much power there is in a fist;) ). I need a break, maybe you need it too. Movie and more for me this week.

      -more buy ins, more tables -> 600bb's less hurting. Impatience moving to decent limits -> hyper aggressive brm, we play worse.

      And no killing. Strife to do good. It's still only money.
    • tieppofer
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      Take a break, go for a walk, come back later and try to play your A-game... if you can't... take a longer break :)
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      Originally posted by t7777777
      I always leave a table if I end up with more than 200bbs. That way I stay out of trouble and conserve my winnings for that session.
      "Staying out of trouble" might often mean "missed opportunities"

      When you are > 100BB deep, the "effective" stack rules. The effective stack is whoever has the shortest stack sets the limit for the hand.

      For example, if you are 200BB deep, and in a pot w/ 400BB, the effective stack is 200 BB, because that is all you can lose.

      if your opponent has only 80BB, that is the effective stack.

      I suggest that you read the article "How to play deep stacked"
      Which does a way better job of explaining it :)

      Good Luck!
    • Phgrinder
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      can't really do much if cards don't fall your way...

      just check out some porn sites on the web and fap fap fap fap away :D