biggest downswing?

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      whats your biggest downswing? please answer with % of your bankroll...

      currently im in a huuuge downswing and i really feel sick... i lost 50% of my bankroll, havent cashed any tournament, in cash games i just lose, every single day i have a losing day for like 5 days or even more.
      i start wondering whats goin on?
      when will i start winning?...
      i play terrible and im so out of luck.... i dont wanna whine like im unlucky cause ive been lucky and will be too, but i dont know what do i need to fix?

      should i take a break? how long?
      i really enjoy playing poker but i fucking hate losing all the time, i sometimes get pissed too of all this crap happening... i really dont wanna lose this money, i had about 1k and currently 600$... thats alot of money to me

      so please answer whats your biggest downswing and how long did it last

      i know this is a noob question which is going over and over again, but noobs will always be there!
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