Hi All

    • JeffersonAce
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      Hey people,

      I'm new here...

      Just got my $25.23 on Titan for free which is great (kind of wierd though instead of $50) lol

      But it's free so i'm happy :D

      Anyway, just wondered if anybody wanted to help out and point me in any particular direction on this site?!

      There is soooo much on here, and i kind of feel lost,

      Any tips for a newcomer welcome :D


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    • TribunCaesar
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      Hi JeffersonAce

      If you really got $25.23 instead of 50, please contact the support via our ticket system, they might help you.
      Concerning our site, i recommend to read as many articles, as you can.

      - strategy section

      Just choose the type of game you like to know more about.

      We several discussion forums, where you can ask questions and experienced players will answer them.
      Furthermore i recommend to post sample hands in the hand posting forums, for example in the SSS forum, if you play SSS, what i would suggest to do:

      - SSS hand posting forum

      To find out more, just browse our forum.
      Have fun.

      Best regards,