$30 - 6-max hyper turbo roller coaster crash.

    • Styr
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      Doubt I could get any help in particular, but I just needed to post this.

      So I have been playing 6-max $30 hyper turbo tournaments at Stars. Thought I was doing very well in the beginning. Until I hit the first downswing. This was enough for me to stop. Now, a few days back I started again. Regained all my losses from the downswing, and made even a profit on top of it. About three days - that was how long it lasted. Blew it all (about 950) today. The thing is, I don't even know, if it is me, or am I just having incredibly bad luck.

      At least I am somewhat closer to reaching supernova (about 45000 vpp to go), and can cash in two 1800 dollar bonuses, once (and if) I reach it. Not that it would make today any less sickening.

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