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    • loosefingers
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      after doing my PS bankroll i decided to deposit £30 from my debit card
      went on no problem next day when i load poker client my account is blocked
      please contact customer support
      i then go into my emails and find 4 or 5 emails in junk box
      1St one says we tried contacting you on this telephone number (old number) several times no answer please can you update your number and give us a time frame for them to call
      which i did more than once
      i also had an email from the financial dept saying they need my bank card details and id card for security measures which i have supplied them with and again with my new number for them to call me..................

      nothing this has been ongoing since Tuesday...........are they just really busy
      have i sent my bank details to some doddgy poker site?
      will my card be cloned?
      i have never had any of these problems before especially for a deposit withdrawals maybe
      i am not very happy and want to vent my anger on the site which referred me to them PS

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    • IngridN
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      Hi loosefingers,

      How did you free $50 bankroll ended up then? Managed to turn it into mirrions? :)

      Regarding the ID check its a standard procedure and shouldn't take longer than 48 hours in my opinion. However, this depends a lot on the poker room and their procedures. I also play at Poker770 and I have been called up just about million times to upload my documents, unfortunately for me my memory is not that good and I keep forgetting it but thankfully my account is still open.

      I think when you deposit, its a security procedure to make sure you deposited with your own bank card and not a stolen one which means its also an action to protect you and your funds.

      When did you contact them last?

    • loosefingers
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      lol no even with bankroll mang in place i still donk it away lol

      i contacted them today
      yesterday 3/4 times
      twice on wed
      tues eve

      i know things are ment to help customer but surely.......not this long
      i even found a number trawling the web to speak to them but that was only an automated leave your username etc service
    • loosefingers
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      and i only stuck on the depo because of the 10k freeroll on sunday but at this rate i wont be able to play it either
    • support770
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      Hy loosefingers,

      as well indicated in the previous posts, Poker770 practises a security check upon your deposit on the site, purely meant to protect you and your funds.

      You should contact our customer support again by e-mail, chat or phone to have a closer look at your situation. Such verification procedures surely don't take up that long and we need to check what' s happening in your case.

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      Thank you Yoanna.