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Patience - The wind that gets you to any port.

    • Styr
      Joined: 11.03.2009 Posts: 417

      Welcome to my little blog. My poker achievements are few, but grandious. And that is what it will be all about. Life is far too interesting to waste on failures, especially now, when all is going so well. :)

      For any of you, who think this will be one of those boring blogs:
      It won't be


      I'm 28 years old, from Estonia. (Please do correct my grammar, if needs be). Have graduated from the Estonian Maritime Academy as an deck officer. The sea is my passion, among a few other things, that I prefer to keep to myself at the moment. :)

      I started playing poker in 2006 - right after my first practice at sea - a friend of mine introduced me to Poker. Seemed easy enough (or so I thought), and I made $250 of my initial deposit to Party Poker in two or so days. Needless to say, I busted it all the day after. I did have some breaks in between, but kept playing until 2009, during which time I managed to lose roughly the amount of money some black people make in their lifetime. I was frustrated enough and decided to make a change. Obviously the cash games were not for me. Fared somewhat better at the MTTs and SNG's, but still, they were not for me. It was then I found Hyper Turboes. (Super Turboes at Full Tilt) Together with some MTT satellites I managed to recuperate most of my losses, and decided that Hyper Turboes are what I should be aiming at.

      Since then I have done practice sessions using SNG Wizard, implemented my own strategies, gathered stats [and done a fair deal of swearing when the Iberians limpcall K2o all in and suck out. :) ]

      Although it is patience that rules the (poker)world, I knew it was not for me, at least not the way people commonly think. No. It was not the tight ABC poker, stealing the blinds, or perhaps re-stealing from known thieves. No. This just did not suit me. Instead I remained at Hyper turboes, and learnt to be patient there, slowly gathering stats, making notes on how people play. And then stealing the blinds, re-stealing from the thugs. :) Trying, for the most time to avoid any confrontations, as there is always a risk that my chips could get flushed straight down the drain. Literally. Besides, I have never made a steal without at least having one pair potential. :)

      That is patience. Patience to study people, and know how they play. There are a few people against whom it would not work, but they are not with us any longer. :)

      By now I am about 44% away from reaching Supernova at PokerStars, and could with relative confidence dominate the $7 and $15 6 max (and 9 max) Hyper Turboes if I were to put volume into it. The $30 ones might be a bit tougher. A good rakeback boost really, but it might not be worth it yet. In reality I am hoping that Stars would add more Hyper Turbo MTT's to their schedule. Did those at Full Tilt. Crushed them for the most part. Not that I am the best of players, but simply because most of them are far away from being the best of players. Life is slightly more difficult (or easier, depening on the situation) now that the Spaniards abandoned us. But I will manage. :)

      And now something sweet - Remembered I had a Step 3 ticket lying around. Decided to put it into good use:

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    • Styr
      Joined: 11.03.2009 Posts: 417
      Changed my tactics. Was multitableing 9 tables, and was running break-even. 6 tables is the most efficient for me and my 37'' display. :)

      Can not really concentrate and play well on more tables.

      Graph for last 3 days playing $15 Hyper Turboes. They are soft indeed, especially with all the reads. Love the most when people call me a bully. Well, I am really not. Sometimes they tell me to play proper poker too. :)

    • fruktpuff
      Joined: 24.09.2010 Posts: 3,982
      Welcome to our blogging section!

      Wow, 37" screen?! I want one of those!

      Loving that graph though...

      Looking forward to more updates, too!