best way of stealing blinds?

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    • SRBSavic1
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      poker isn't an exact science
    • Solidius
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      Steal 14-16. Just kidding.

      There is no poker player in the world that can anwser this question correctly. You may missing some of the basics stuff of the game. Start by reading some articles.
    • jonnyjm
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      Very broad question, for which the answer isn't as clear as you would like it to be.
      A few factors will determine a good steal spot, which i will list below (1 been most important):

      1) Your opponent(s)

      Your opponents will determine how tight of loose your stealing range can be. Obviously the more your opponent likes to fold his blind the wider you can steal. Like wise the more often your opponent likes to defend the tighter your stealing range should be. If you are stealing from the button remember to check what kind of player the SB is! Just because the BB folds his blinds a lot doesn't mean you should steal loose if the SB is a loose player!

      2) Your posistion

      Are you attacking from the SB, Button, Cut Off or Highjack? The SB you should be stealing tighter from seeing as if your opponent decided to defend you will be playing the rest of the hand out of posistion (we want to avoid playing out of posistion as much as possible seeing as we make the most money when we are in posistion).
      Generally you should be stealing tighter from the Highjack or Cut off than the button because there are more players/hands between you and the BB, although some highjacks you'll play more like a button (losser range) as the players between you and BB might all be nits).

      3) Your hand

      Unless you're opponent is folding there BB like 90% of the time you will have to consider your hand range when stealing. It's recomended that you chosse a range that has good playability post flop as sometime you will see flops. Something like suited A's & K's, AKos-ATos + A5os-A2os, suited conectors, off suite conectors, suited one gappers, any PP's, any two broadways, off suite one gappers. Would be a solid stealing range. Although there is no static hand range that is optimal, you might add or remove hands depend on the situation/players in the hand...

      Hope this helps or gets you on the right path.
    • romcey
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      just wanted to see what people say about it thanks for the feed back.
    • scett
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      This is not something you do by the clock, just do it when all things are right.
      Thats when bb and all the guys between are nits and are wery likely to fold.
    • cavemanlxroxl
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      Look at the stats of big blinds HUD.
      Especially "Fold Big Blind to steal" is interessting for your decision.
      If the folding number is more than 80 percent, you should be able by raising on the button with virtually by any two cards and by raising a wide range from the cutoff.
      Harrington "On Online Cash Games" is a good book if you need more advice.
    • vergato
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      Steal on a percentage, not time basis.
    • GraemeDR
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      The best way to steal the blinds in my experience is to be on the button, have everyone fold to you, and then you raise to make the blinds fold. Hope this helps. 👍
    • boges1
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      agree with the above = time to read some more strategy
    • juanchapi
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      i think is more important to analyse your steal porcentage related to your steal success. For example, my steal porcentage is 61% and my steal sucess is 58% so is super profitable.
    • bradomurder
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      If it's short handed I steal 2 times then usually fold the 3rd unless its a pair or Ak sort of hand

      If it's full ring people don't notice so I steal 3 times then fold the fourth

      Hope this helps
    • handsomeover
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      Originally posted by vergato
      Steal on a percentage, not time basis.
      Right answer