payout denied... why?

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      Customer Supportpayout denied??
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      23.06.12 10:56: The payout request was denied.

      You are currently not allowed to request payouts. Please contact our customer support with any questions you may have.

      whats that?
      23.06.12 11:05: Dear alalanwalsh,

      Thank you for your message.

      We regret to inform you that, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, we have decided not to transfer you the Tell-A-Friend bonus.

      We have taken this measure because people you referred did not pass our Tell-a-Friend specific, security check.

      We are not able to give you any further details, as this information could theoretically be abused to disable our security system. A security system can nevertheless only function correctly if we take consequent logical action.

      Should you have any other questions or issues please don't hesitate to contact us again.

      Kind regards,

      Read and laugh guys, I really dont understand what is this all about!
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    • ArkhamAsylum
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      lol tell a friend for the win again :D

      Don't worry dude, seems to be a trend happening in these forums of people not getting paid.
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      Hi, alalanwalsh
      I've moved your post to the Feedback forum.

      The post received refers to our Terms and Conditions.
      If you have not already, it might help you to read them, as I suspect that your answers are in there.

      Please realize that I have no knowledge of the Tell-A-Friend system, and therefore have no helpful information.

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      If you know that you have done something wrong, just give up, you wont get the money. Don't waste your time.

      If you didn't do anything wrong, well. Then I think you should send a ned email. If Pokerstrategy did wrong they will see it.