Weekly Final Freeroll Turnament $500

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    • Krishjanis
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      I can give you just an overall answer as I don't have the software and in case no one else answers so you don't miss the tournament. :f_cry:

      Basically you should see all the tickets, tokens you have in your cashier or in other options or in the dropdown menus at the top of the window, you just click on them and it will show what tournament they are for and if you can open the tournament just by clicking the tokens then that's cool you already know where the tournament is so you can just register and when registering it will probably just show you that you have the token and ask if you really want to spend it.
      If you can't find the token in cashier or in other options, but you know that you do have it then just go to tournaments, filter them for freerolls if you can or by date or whatever, then just look for the 500$ one and you should be able to register just again by accepting that you want to spend the token.

      That is the best answer I can give as I don't know how things work in 770, maybe someone can specify all the details, but if no one does then at least you have some guide lines to follow. :s_cool:
    • support770
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      Krishjanis is mainly right here. The Poker770 software contains a dedicated section, "VIP Level & Tokens" (under Cashier), where you can check all of your tokens, with the relevant information attached.

      Also, using a token implies a few, easy to follow, steps: find the desired tournament, click on "Register" and select "Tokens" at the "Registration Cost" section. Then click again on "Register" to validate your submission.

      Since the token you have inquired about is the "(770) Weekly $500 Freeroll", you will be able to use it for playing in the "Weekly Final $500 Freeroll" tournament. Just search for the freeroll on the lobby and follow the few steps to submit your registration.

      In case you need any further help on the Poker770 site, do feel free to contact our Customer Support by e-mail, chat or telephone.

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      Thank you Yoanna and Krishjanis :)
    • forbrydelsen
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      Hi DooodyGe
      The next $500 freeroll is under the "ALL TOURNAMENTS" tag on your main menu at 770 and is on 01.07.2012 at 2100 hrs server time .

      cya there and good luck .
    • biogas
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      And its a rebuy torney, so dont filter them out.
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      Thanks here guys, really appreciate the help as always :)