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$5 vs $10 HUSNG on iPoker

    • TFMonty
      Joined: 17.04.2008 Posts: 126

      Beating $5 Turbo HUSNG on iPoker @c. 7% stepped up to $10 and breaking even. Any advice/tips on this new level. Does it play different with the regs etc?

      All appreciated ty.
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    • ghaleon
      Joined: 17.10.2007 Posts: 5,940
      HUSNG are obviously all about who you are playing against. When you move up in limits it should be expected that there is more regs that are better to adjust to your tendencies. Thus game tend to get more and more on meta game side and outleveling those thinking opponents. Meaning there is no real answer for your question.

      One good action in new limit would be to do some player pool research and check with e.g. sharkscope what sort of profits players has made. You don't really want to play versus good opponents regularly if there is choice in that matter :)
    • martoman2k10
      Joined: 27.08.2010 Posts: 669
      sorry to hijack, but what is the traffic like on the $10s?
    • Ohs
      Joined: 30.09.2009 Posts: 45
      @TFMonty I was playing 5s on Ipoker moved up to 10s and gonna move up to 20s soon, so first of all to increase your RoI I would recommand to dodge me in the lobby :s_biggrin: . To the subject, 5s/10s/20s are pretty much the same limit it gets bit harder every step you make so are you 100% sure you have big enough sample of games to assume ur b/e (I'd say you need atleast 1k games sample to estimate whether you are b/e or not)? Also,I would recommand you to try to fins some cheap coach, they can really help you find your leaks and increase your poker skills in no time! Also never join a siting player, always make a new table you will dodge most of the regulars by this. Best of luck. :s_cool:

      @martoman2k10 the traffic is solid on 5s/10s, nowhere near stars of course but I'd say you wait less than a minute for each game.