2month10k challenge!

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      Dear strategists,

      I'm Lucas a 22 year old Belgian Accountancy & Taxation student. I've been playing poker since I was 16 years old and started playing online occasionally. I managed to play poker for a living during the summers for about 2 years now, but it were never large amounts of money.. SO here I am writing this blog with the intention of making 10k in the following 2 months.

      I'll try to update this blog as much as possible (atleast once a day) but you can also follow me on Twitter (Lucas Jang), where I'll be posting a few times a day.

      I'm mainly playing 9handed Sit 'n' Goes, tourneys and rarely 6handed PLO cashgames. But the 9 handed SnG's are my main focus.

      Where will I start?

      Well... I had a little downswing before my exams... I managed to win a 1000 players tourney for 500USD which made me have BR of about 9xx USD but then I got a downswing to about 220USD by playing the 6 handed hyper turbos! :( I felt like a downswing and it wasnt because I wasnt use to it or the player were any better. Today I have 342USD and this is where the blogjourney will start :) Please follow me on twitter for more regular updates!

      PS: This blog has been created to officially start on 01/07/'12 but in the time before this date I'll also play poker but probably not the same amount as I'm planning to play during july & august.

      THanks for reading and I hope I get some advice from you my co-pokerstrategists!
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