How good at NL holdem can somebody get in a year?

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      Hi, I've been registered on this website for about 6 months now. However since I've been in college and studying for my A levels i haven't had much time for poker. Now that i have finished, i will be taking a gap year during which (and amongst other things) i plan to improve at playing poker so that i can to some extent, fund my degree.

      So i have two questions:
      1.) In a years time, starting from the buttom, which stakes can somebody realistically be aiming to play at if they work hard throughout?
      2.) Where shall i start?

      p.s i already know most the basics, and im currently playing $0.01/0.02 NL and i can just about maintain small growth in my bankroll

      edit: Just in case anyone was wondering after i said about the college stuff, i am above 18
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    • MatejM47
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      Depends on so many factors that its really impossible to say. I think nl200 is realistic. But it really depends on your IQ, mental stability to handle the swings, if you manage to find ppl to work with that will definitly improve your game faster, bein able to pay for a competent coach, variance can be a huge part of it especially looking at works and best possible run over 500k hands that you should play in 6 months. You could be running 4-5bb bellow or above ev which is huge.

      Most of all it comes down to your work ethics tho. Its different if your going be a poker pro who wakes up at 2pm watches his favourite show, put in a quick session and then go out drinking and partying or if your going to grind and work on your game 10 hours a day.
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      Agreed, it's mainly about your work ethic. If you put in significant amounts of productive study time on a daily basis, you can easily move out of the micros in a year, assuming you are reasonably smart to begin with.

      If you are lazy like me, don't study and just enjoy stacking mouthbreathers, well, you will stay playing 2NL/5NL for a loooonng time.
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      Well, as mentioned above, if you become a really good poker player, you could reach Nl100 - Nl200 .But you have to run good at the first limits, study a lot,put a lot of volume,find a bankroll managemet that suits you and you must develop a great mindset to deal with the ups and downs of poker (which is maybe the most important).
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      How good can you get in a year?

      The short answer is VERY good. But you need to really work hard and throw yourself into it as mentioned already. As you probably already know, you don't just wake up and be good at something and poker is no different it's a game you must study hard at to get good. You need the drive to keep working and improving even when you are winning. Because the game is ever changing no one ever "masters" the game but if you want it enough you can get close :)

      As for where you should start carry on playing at NL2 or deposit a little extra funds and move up to nl4 or 5 or 10 wherever you feel comfertable. then read the articles here, then read them again and again until all the info really sinks in. There are some great videos for you to watch so you can see the knowledge put into practical use and post lots and lots of hands in the hand evaluation section of the forum :)

      Also you should definitely check out the link for the beginners course in my sig, that will help you out a lot if you sign up to that.

      Good luck my friend hope to see you crushing and climbing the stakes soon :)

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      Thanks guys for the advice