[NL2-NL10] KJs from video

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    • Kaitz20
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      I think best answer is to not get into difficult situations postflop:
      Standard TAG player would not raise there too many worse hands, so you´re mostly being dominated if you hit just one pair hand, also you´re oop that makes your hand harder to play.

      I would called there myself 50% and 3-bet other 50%, but if you don´t have enough experience playing oop then keeping it tight is often the best play you can make
    • veriz
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      Hello nipbourne,

      For beginners this kind of hand is way too difficult to play. Assuming that the nitty player has PPs mainly in his limping range and other guy may have us dominated with better Kx/Jx hands. Nor we don't know the opponent much to play the hand with huge profit in long run.

      From where comes the profit here? The only reason to do something here is to 3bet and gain fold equity vs the isolator from BTN.

      Best Regards.