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      First thing first, I'd like to thank Poker Strategy for the leap of knowledge it's still providing me everyday when I feel the need to come back to the basics.

      Indeed, PS helped me mutate from a Lose Aggressive into a Tight Aggressive player, confirming with statistical facts that would back me up with better judgements on which hands to play, in what position, yadi yadi yada.

      I'm a casino player, but I recently shifted to the Internet, attracted by the huge amount of hands and desperate opponents you can play daily. After 7000 hands (I counted through Poker Office), every tool provided as well as the knowledge base from PS help me now being profitable in a constant basis with limited risky attitudes.

      The Story...

      Please let me track the history behind the 10 grans I have now spread around FT, Winamax, PokerStars, PartyPoker and Everest…

      :diamond: Last November on Facebook, a couple of Poker friends from Sydney invited me to play the Facebook Texas Holdem. Even though it now sounds funny, I was seduced by the pace of the poker plays.
      :diamond: After a couple of weeks of daily small sessions, I decided I should try real money poker and clicked on the ads banner (which was Landbroke at that time) and did deposit 50$.
      :diamond: It took 5 days to get rid of my 50$ on really bad calls.
      :diamond: 20 days after my first real money experience, I asked some friends in a Soccer forum Poker topic to give me suggestions of good Poker site. Winamax was a recurrent suggestion and therefore I went there.
      That is when Kdosses, fellow supporter of Standard Liege started to spam me about this Poker Strategy thing.
      :diamond: After collapsing to his impressive lobbying, I decided to register
      :diamond: ...
      :diamond: …...
      :diamond: "Geeeeee, am I supposed to be a Robot, OR WHAT??!"
      :diamond: I check the forum, there are followers of this curious sect of the least risk in Poker, so let's give it a try.
      :diamond: Finished the quizz, realised I will have to think the German pragmatic way, and did put 50$ on Titan

      :diamond: 10 hands of SSS in NL10...
      :diamond: 50 hands of SSS in NL10…
      :diamond: ......boring...
      :diamond: …whatever the bankroll, let's open a NL100… 125$.... 290$............2$ (OUCH)

      :diamond: Let's rethink the universe in my role in it: Did I have a problem around patience, following straight rules and having my genitals taking control of my brain… Yes. So let's read it again.
      :diamond: 50$ back on Titan (I cleared only 1.29$ of it anyway). And start again.
      :diamond: Full buddhist-alike discipline, I go through 2000 hands and MIRACLE, I tripled my bankroll with almost no risk.
      :diamond: …playing my avg 200 hands a day during 2 months while watching Fulltilt Poker on TV, where I will start to be impressed by Phil Gordon, who appears to share the same sins than I have and succesfully fought them to get where he is today.

      :diamond: A TURN :heart: : I read twice the Little Green Book (twice because my bookmark keeps falling in my bag). This will lead me to re-assess my rules + the ones I got from PS. The result is quite impressive even though today, I'm still not great at Tournament. I started to reach regularly the final table and being part of the usual players at the tables in Adelaide and Auckland.
      :diamond: I eat Little Green Book for lunches. I read it over and over, and on the top of it, I'm browsing PS wonderbar forum to get great advices around played cards..
      :diamond: March 2008: That's it, official: when I sit in Sky City's ring game with 80$ on NL200, I average 3 hours to get out of it with 100% profit. (I wish we could get Poker Office working for real life game).
      :diamond: I check my stats on the net, from an average of 36% showdown, I'm now down to 17%. My bankroll, being spread between multiple Poker site (mainly Fulltilt), reaches 1000$.
      :diamond: I'm hurting myself big time, sticking like a lil soldier to the 5% rule, I'm not going bigger than NL100 (even though I'm way above it for obvious reasons in real Poker tables)
      :diamond: I'm trying hard to get somewhere in the MTT leaderboard (still no success today)

      :diamond: TURN 2!!!! I'm (smashed) in the Qantas lounge 30 minutes before boarding and I cant obviously start a SnG 45 nor even 18 (to get a shot to that MTT ladder), so I take my courage in my hands (sorry meant in my CHIVAS) and go on NL1000. As the stewardess is announcing the second Final Call, I'm quadrupling my bankroll in less than 20 minutes (disclaimer: bad gambling. don't try this at home, I could have been sent back to 15 lines/3 months above this).
      :diamond: Today after some roller coasting, I reached 10k$ and I'm about to be Golden boy in this website. I'm still way far from Diamond but clearly… I'm accomplished as an amateur.

      What I believe now the equation is:
      Patience + PS Discipline + Maths + Risk management + Phil Gordon and Carol's Tells + EXPERIENCE = Succesful Poker

      Now the question is: if in 12 months from now, I reach Diamond and get easy frequent returns, should I give a shot to be pro one month a year (like during my vacations)?

      For my part I would say NO.

      I already struggled to find a balance between Work and Family, I believe that the moment you get the best return from Poker is the moment you're supposed to be enjoying your home with your wife and kids.

      Luckily, Internet Poker gives me something in between….

      OK, you can wake up now!
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      Interesting read. I agree with the "Patience + PS Discipline + Maths + Risk management + EXPERIENCE = Succesful Poker" thingy.

      I think that I was the exact opposite of how you used to play though. It's funny how neither way works profitably. I used to be semi-tight/passive player: the type who would be afraid to raise with pocket AA's because I feared that I would be sucked out by a crappy hand... and by not raising to push all the limpers and drawers out, I usually would get sucked out. Thus making me even more afraid to raise with good hands and giving drawers more opportunities to hit. **sighs** An endless cycle.

      Anyways, that was off topic, but nice thread!
    • darkonebg
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      nice read.
      Did I understand it correctly, you didnt stick to BRM, then you started, then you stopped, and we come to now ? :P
      I also missed the connection beetween 1k and 10k in your roll.
      nice progress though.
    • OmiKell
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      Yeah... sorry for the quick typing, lotsa things don't make alot of sense. My English is not mature yet!

      what I try to say with my Frenglish in there is that I became succesful by studying SSS until it became intuitive.. AND allowing myself on the top of that some Gung-Ho moves did increase my stocks.
      I'm fully aware though that the Gung-Ho part could have killed my bankroll and that Lady Luck did her share.

      The "jump" between 1k and 10k is actually me giving up BRM. Basically since I reached 1k$, I play 4 tables on half of my available cash on the poker site (eg. if I have 320$, I open 4 table NL100 with 40$). I know that's a huge risk and I enjoyed already a "couple" of times the consequences.

      On Fulltilt mainly, I (and PokerOffice) do believe that it's harder to go fishing on .5/.10 than on .50/1. It looks like all the SSS Community is training in the Low tables. I also understand that multitabling low bb gives you more FT Points for less money at stake.


      The other way around (aggressive) is frustrating too, especially when you jump all in with a AA et you get splatted by a trip of 2.
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      you are from sydney?
    • OmiKell
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      From Belgium, Liege, but living in Auckland and travelling between Adelaide Sydney and Auckland regularly
    • chenny8888
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      oh same as me vladnz and terrorblade...

      New Zealand - Auckland
    • SoyCD
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      A very nice read, really enjoyed it.

      I agree with your conclusion: Patience + PS Discipline + Maths + Risk management + EXPERIENCE = Succesful Poker

      With risk management + discipline being two very important aspects of it. It seems like you've been rather lax with the risk management in the past - so I hope you have the discipline to keep it in the future :)

      Good luck at the tables and feel free to post more of these kind of reports!

      Best regards,
    • Timor83
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      Don't ever go pro unless you learn the basics of BRM, and apply them properly. You'll get yourself in a world of trouble if you're going to depend on poker for a living and not manage your bankroll properly.
    • TribunCaesar
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      yes, very nice read. Keep it up.

      Best regards,