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    • HaliwLwuiA
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      I seem to have a problem logging in to my account at Poker 770. My account was created yesterday day and I sent an email to receive the free 7,70$.

      This is the message I get when I try logging in: "This account has been temporarily locked. Please contact Customer Support at for further assistance. "

      Does anyone know a solution for this problem?

      Thank you.
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    • Krishjanis
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      Did you contact the Customer Support? If not then do, they will only be able to tell why it's locked.
      I'm thinking it's because you requested the 7.70$ and they will want you to send some ID documents to make sure you are a real person, because there are a lot of scammers out there and they just want to make sure they are giving money to legitimate people, it's a safety precaution that a lot of poker rooms do.
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      Hi there HaliwLwuiA!

      Have you contacted the email address as requested above? Please be patient for an answer and you will find out what is going on then :)

      It sounds like a security check to me so once you've verified this your account will open again.

      Keep us up to date with any developments.

      Best regards,
    • support770
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      Hi HaliwLwuiA,

      Welcome on Poker770!

      Please consider that the access to your player account might have been restricted due to failed attempts of filling in the correct details of your player account.

      If this is the case, we suggest you using the Forgot Password option from your poker account so that a new password may be automatically generated to your e-mail address.

      However, in order to investigate further into this matter, do not hesitate to contact the Poker770 Customer Support. They will assist you with your bonus application as well.

      Hoping you find this information useful,

      Best regards,