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Rebuy/addon MTT vs Freezeout

    • ozziwar
      Joined: 24.08.2011 Posts: 342

      So I play MTT's pretty often but I have only tried the rebuy and addon MTT's a few times. Reason: I don't know how to play it. Whats the different between rebuy/addon vs regular freezeout MTT's? Any video/article about it or so?

      thanks :f_love:
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    • Asaban
      Joined: 22.09.2006 Posts: 9,183
      Hi ozziwar,

      Normally I would suggest my own videos - unfortunately they are in german :(

      Unfortunately there are no videos featuring rebuys in the english community (at least none with rebuy-specific strategy content). I will bring this up and hopefully we will get some rebuy session reviews in the near future.

      For the meantime I will deliver some tips:

      • The main difference is the rebuy period. It normally lasts between 30 minutes and 2 hours (most rebuy's have 60 minutes available for rebuys). At the beginning you should always get the initial rebuy as long as you give yourself an edge and at least one other player rebuys as well. If you don't get the initial rebuy you will lose value in spots that you play against players with double stack.

      • Try to see many flops and play multiway pots with your speculative hands (f.e. T9s, 55 etc). If you have a solid BRM you are able to gamble, especially in multiway pots (f.e. if you have the nutflushdraw and players go allin) or profitable preflop spots. Your opponents tend to play much loser then they normally would. You will have players at your table that push every hand preflop. Therefore you have to adept your ranges according to your opponents behaviour.

      • Double Rebuy if necessary.

      • Always get the Addon! In most tournaments the Addon is bigger then a single rebuy while the costs are the same. Therefore it's +EV to take the Addon - no matter what your stacksize is.

      • After the rebuy period ended the tournament plays out like a normal freezeout. Since most players don't have proper BRM for Rebuys you will have a lot more fishes at your table then in comparable freezeouts.

      • BRM: You should count with an average of 5 to 7Buyins (Buyin+Initial Rebuy+ 1 or 2 Double Rebuys + Addon). I normally suggest at least 250 (very aggressive), better 300 or even 400+ Buyins for MTT's. If you want to play a 3$+R exlusivly you should have at least 4,5k$ in your Bankroll. You might need less if you are playing other tournaments as well and your avg Buyin is lower (F.e if your ABI is 10$, including the 18$ BI for the 3$+R, you should have at least 2,5k in your Bankroll).

      Hope that helps getting you started.
      If you have further questions feel free to ask.