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    • DrDunne
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      hi jba99

      you are correct that in BSS the stack we should use is 100bb. there should be an option in your poker room to automatically top this up (auto topup) so that even when you lose 1 or 2bb, your stack will automatically be topped back up to 100bb. this is extremely important, because (for example) if you get blinded down to ~80bb and then find yourself all in preflop with AA, you would be limiting your win to only 80bb, when if you had auto-topup on you would be winning another 100bb!

      obviously when you win some pots your stack will increase and this will eventually affect how you should play. there is an article in the silver strategy section on how to play when deep-stacked, however if you are not comfortable then leaving the table is an option. but then if you can win stacks like that on that table, would you really want to leave? :P

      i hope this has answered your question!
      good luck.