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u can't bluff the fish

    • bubababu
      Joined: 02.03.2010 Posts: 2,316
      Hello! My name is Bogdan, i'm a romanian community member and now i decided to start a blog here aswell because it really motivates me.

      Why this name ??? Simple: I'm a fishy calling station !

      I play poker for 2 years now but from this year i decided to take it more seriously. I played FR BSS on 888 but i want to start a supernova chase and just withdraw main part of my bankroll for this and moved it to stars.

      :diamond: 888 Graph :diamond:

      :diamond: 888 Winrates :diamond:

      My goals:

      888 - bankroll: 300$

      -NL10 -> NL100 until the end of the year
      -25K hands/month with 10bb/100
      -play 2h/day on 8 tables

      stars - bankroll: 2K$

      -NL50 -> NL100 -> reach supernova until the end of the year
      -120K hands/month with at least 2bb/100
      -play 6h/day on 16 tables

      :diamond: I will try to update at least once a week so any advice, critics will improve my game for sure. I'm sorry for my bad english.
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    • fruktpuff
      Joined: 24.09.2010 Posts: 3,982
      Welcome to the English community and to our blogging section!

      How come you consider yourself a fishy calling station then? Your graphs looks a lot like that of quite a competent player!

      Looking forward to following your progress!

    • dan133
      Joined: 25.02.2010 Posts: 942
      Hehe, hello my friend :D Good Luck!
    • circoflax
      Joined: 26.02.2010 Posts: 413
      Why do you plan to play lower on 888? Just consider it a common bankroll and play NL50 and more. In case you hit some swings at the beginning on 888, just move some money back from stars. 10BB/100 at nl50 is awesome, especially if you can put in that volume. I get super tired after playing more than 2k hands in one day, so I just lock it up. Ofc, being a super idiot, I keep playing if I'm down, cause I know I won't be able to sleep... :f_mad:

      That's a nice graph, don't you ever hit swings and run 20BB < EV in 3 days like I do?

      What city you from, cause I'm Romanian too.
    • DrDunne
      Joined: 29.12.2010 Posts: 3,378
      hi bogdan and welcome!

      lol i doubt you are a fishy calling station with a graph like that! i will be following this blog.
      good luck
    • T3rMiT3
      Joined: 29.02.2008 Posts: 3,328
      GO GO GO!!!


    • bogstratos
      Joined: 22.05.2012 Posts: 161
      Hello Bogdan!

      My name is also Bogdan but I'm relatively new and haven't been active at all in the romanian community! :f_biggrin:

      That is a sick sick graph tbh, I'm playing NL10 atm and being an actual fish I don't even dream of that winrate over 90k hands!

      Best of luck with your goals, I'll be following this blog for sure!
    • EmanuelC16
      Joined: 02.01.2010 Posts: 13,909
      Hello there!

      8 hours/day just playing?! When do you study and review?

      I also agree with circoflax. Just consider you have 2.3k total bankroll and play NL50 on both sites. Playing NL10 when being rolled for and winner at NL50 is a very big waste of time, unless you have some propbets going which make up for the lost winnings for lower limit. :D

    • pwntatochips
      Joined: 11.04.2012 Posts: 30
      nice graph, GL!
    • bubababu
      Joined: 02.03.2010 Posts: 2,316
      Thx for the kind welcome!

      @fruktpuff: Thx, u'll see in a sec why i'm a calling station :D

      @dan133: Glad to see you here aswell, gl to you too!

      @circoflax: I don't wanna touch my stars roll because i don't know how i'll manage there. In 2 months max i must be at NL100 with 4K ROLL, i can't afford any mistakes. This is my case also, i didn't put volume until now but i decided to start this challenge to change this, i hope i'll be victorious at the end of the year.

      @DrDunne: Thx!

      @T3rMiT3: Hehehehe, i will crush them!

      @bogstratos: Hi Bogdan! :D :D Just study and u'll have a similar winrate, i didn't dream eighter, it just happend :f_cool:

      @Emanuel: Hi, i studied until now, volume was the last on the list! I know i have to study and review my game constantly but i will sacrifice that a little. I answered earlier why i play NL10 at 888, i know i can beat the game there and i will go up on 20BI's. BRM is the key to succes!

      @pwntatochips: Thx!


      :diamond: I founded a hand that i have played last month: It ilustrates perfectly why i named the blog like that :D

      CO: $39.30 (78.6 bb)
      BTN: $44.79 (89.6 bb)
      SB: $18.04 (36.1 bb)
      Hero (BB): $70.55 (141.1 bb)
      UTG+2: $58.67 (117.3 bb)
      MP1: $71.02 (142 bb)
      MP2: $71 (142 bb)
      MP3: $24 (48 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is BB with J K
      6 folds, SB completes, Hero raises to $2, SB calls $1.50

      Flop: ($4) 4 A 6 (2 players)
      SB checks, Hero checks

      Turn: ($4) A (2 players)
      SB bets $4.50, Hero calls $4.50

      River: ($13) A (2 players)
      SB bets $11.54 and is all-in, Hero calls $11.54

      Results: $36.08 pot ($1.80 rake)

      SB showed Q 8 and lost (-$18.04 net)
      Hero showed J K and won $34.28 ($16.24 net)
    • AriGold1980
      Joined: 22.05.2010 Posts: 812
      Go,go,go fish !!
    • bubababu
      Joined: 02.03.2010 Posts: 2,316
      @AriGold: Where ? :D

      Finally the moneyz arrived to my account so i can start this challenge. First impression: bunch of NITS :s_biggrin:

      I decided to start with NL25 - 1 week and then go to NL50 because i wanna get used to the platform and players, nothing special. I will try to gather 15K VPPs and from now on i won't look at my graphs or cashier until at the end of the week.

      I need to make some changes in my game, i mean on 888 i played something like 22/19 FR on 8 tables :s_cool: so here i will try like 16/14 on 16 tables. I don't wanna just push some buttons, i wanna play poker.

      :club: Can anybody tell me some decent hours to play on stars at these stakes ??? because i want to make a schedule, to organise my time better.

      Good start, here's the first session:

      See ya!
    • cozacu
      Joined: 14.02.2010 Posts: 1,379
      GL :)
    • bubababu
      Joined: 02.03.2010 Posts: 2,316
      @cozacu: GL to you too!

      This is the first update - i have played only 4 days until now:

      :diamond: STARS :diamond:

      -i'm still struggling with short and mid stackers and try to adapt to the platform
      -i was a little bit unlucky, many suckouts, coolers and so on
      -i have played a lot of hands badly
      -i will play NL25 this week and then go up to NL50

      :diamond: 888 :diamond:

      -here i have played quite good, i've gonne up to NL20 and NL30
      -hope i'll reach NL50 till the end of the month

      The journey continues!
    • bubababu
      Joined: 02.03.2010 Posts: 2,316
      Here's my second update - until now i have:
      hands: 45K
      profit: 250$
      winrate: 2bb/100
      VPPs: 3400

      I'm not happy about this but i ran very, very bad. I've lost some pots to greats hands (52 or Q7) in 4bet pots ... i just hope to catch those champs at my tables soon.

      I'm happy that i didn't look at my graph until now and concentrated only on my play.

      Today i will play some satellites with mys FPPs, and also my last sessions at NL25 and from monday i will go to NL50. I hope i will run a little better.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • Tiltmeifucan
      Joined: 21.04.2012 Posts: 471
      Awesome blog, sick graph

      Will be following your progress, good luck!
    • fruktpuff
      Joined: 24.09.2010 Posts: 3,982
      Those hands make for great notes and player colourcodings!
    • bubababu
      Joined: 02.03.2010 Posts: 2,316
      @Tiltmeifucan: Don't know if its a awesome blog but thx very much! GL to you too!

      @fruktpuff: They were marked from the first 10 hands, its hard to miss them when they play 80/40 in 200 hands or so. :s_biggrin:
    • bubababu
      Joined: 02.03.2010 Posts: 2,316
      Update nr. 2:

      Sick! This is the hardest moment for me, i feel that i didn't play poker this month, i was just pushing some butons. My brain slept a lot and my hand reading sucked.

      I changed my style very often + a very bad run and combined with bad play afected me mentally. Started playing 16 tables then switched to 24 tables NL25 and then played ZOOM NL50. I just hope i will recover very quickly and crush in the future.

      I'm glad because i managed to respect my plan and played like 6-8h a day and thats a very huge improvement for me.

      I reached platinum status, finally ... hope u like my picture :s_biggrin:

      I will try to post some hands next time! Good luck at the tables!
    • slipkn6t
      Joined: 27.06.2011 Posts: 5,721
      Hey whats up! How do you avoid the 6-table limitation?