HUSNG at pkr

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      Hi there xxInspectorxx,

      Unfortunately I don't play at PKR but hopefully a member will pop in and give you the answers you require. I'll have a look around and see if I can collect some information for you in the meantime.

      Have a great weekend,
    • sileekhunt
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      iv played the play money tables & thats enough for me to be sure that the software would tilt me & I would not deposit there.

      I hear the games are soft though.
    • xxInspectorxx
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      I have a friend there playing NL25 and he has made few k this year only. Thats sicko. He said its been good all year justplaying it tight and gettin the money in with premium holdings an fish will call with their bottompair.

      But he said he has no exp on the traffic on husngs so was thinking if theres someone who knows. I could do a small tryout to ahve a rb site with strategylink. but wont do if i have to wait minutes and minutes for games to start