william hill bonus

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    • VorpalF2F
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      From time to time other offers do come up, however I don't think that they can be had just for the asking.

    • Krishjanis
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      They randomly give them out again, I have never gotten second one, some people have, there really is no pattern to who they give them out to, I have read one guy has gotten four.
    • Maloco87
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      I asked this before lol and strangely after I was told its random my girlfriend got a 2nd $50 after getting to gold status with her first one

      although when I helped here set up her account on betfair I clicked US $ and she was unable to withdraw the $150 she won on the site and was unable to deposit as the account needed to be set up in £'s, my bad!lol

      I would like to set up an account with William Hill also if only to play cash games and earn Strategy Points as I always play on Pokerstars which is not linked to PS and I dont use Partypoker which is linked to PS lol