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Preflop range against fish?

    • Vip3rNZ
      Joined: 11.11.2011 Posts: 340
      Ok, so recently when I sit down to play some poker the first thing i do is look for 4 tables with a fish or 2.

      These fish are normally 50-100VPIP and 0-50PFR.

      A few things i do preflop that i'm not to sure are correct are these

      Lets say I'm sitting in the CO and a fish limps in from MP ( stats: 68/17 )

      I look at my hand and I'm holding 84s IF there is no1 in the BU or blinds that i think will frequently attempt to isolate the fish, then i would limp behind with this random suited hand.

      My plan here is to just give up on the flop if I miss completely.

      If I hit

      1 pair + gutshot+

      I will play fairly passively ( not bloating the pot to much if I don't have 10+ outs) until the river and if I have less then 2 pair still I will just give up ( I dont think fish will exploit this, and if regs are watching I hope they think I will play vs them like this )

      I think the fish will pay off my hands when I make them, or even fold to flo pand turn agression enough to make this profitable?

      I dont really know(except that it's worked so far, but dont want to be results oriented), so thought i'd ask :D

      Does anyone else play random suited cards like this? or am I turning into the fish after playing with them to much recently lol!

      I think all the up sides are

      1) Really loosens up my image!
      2) Alot of potential value against the fish.
      3) Play alot more pots with the fish, gathering information faster waiting for that moment to STRIKE and take their stack :)

      Down sides:
      1) Some nasty reverse implied odds ( flush over flush, 2pair over 2pair
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    • Abhorrence
      Joined: 13.11.2009 Posts: 150
      I'm not a very good poker player but that's how I play against people who have a habit of playing every card like a fish. It can sometimes bite you in the ass though as you've stated.

      If I can put them on certain cards I'll usually play more aggressive as well. Fish are more likely to call with weaker hands or chase cards and you end up getting paid of quite well in the end... but once again that can bite you in the ass. I've had them hit runner/runners before to make a ridiculous hand that beats mine.

      Overall I think it's a decent way to play. If you play it smart then you run a low risk of losing and it seems like you've got a fairly good plan down. Just avoid calling too much pre-flop if people start betting big or reraise you. But I'm sure you know that. :f_cool:
    • Vip3rNZ
      Joined: 11.11.2011 Posts: 340
      Thanks for the reply Abhorrence! and the reassurance that i'm not being brainwashed by playing with fish too often lol! :s_grin:
    • mrbeer9999
      Joined: 11.12.2010 Posts: 182
      I don't play complete garbage hands like 84o...I would accept arguments along the lines of "there's like 5 limpers and we have the button", maybe.

      I'm not sure it's +EV to do so heads-up even against megafish like you describe since you only get paid if you flop huge and you are behind a range of ATC (and even further behind their 70% range). And some of your monsters will see you lose a stack, when your trips get outkicked or you get the wrong end of a straight.


      There are some megafish that limp every hand but fold to a bet, crazy I know...those guys I would bet.
    • RasTweet
      Joined: 26.12.2009 Posts: 4,553
      Just to say I moved your thread to the No Limit forums.