MANCHESTER [S] afternoon Poker or 24/7 action

    • Shinobi104
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      Hey guys.
      I just arrived in Manchester yesterday and am looking for good cash games.
      Got plenty of time to kill so I really am looking for games which start from the early afternoon 11am~ to late evening.

      Already called the Grosnover, gentin and the 235 local casinos.

      The action only starts at around 7pm.

      I usually play 5/5€ in my home casino. However the common stakes in Manchester are 0,50/1,00 and 1/2 GBP.

      Can anyone tell me anything about the games, traffic and the action? Are there many shallow stacks ? Do I have to reserve a seat to get into the games? Any PLO games in town?

      Thank in advance!
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    • elliotmack
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      [FONT=comic sans ms]hi there yes unfortunately the uk casinos operate 24 hour however they do not in my opinion seem to cater entirely for these hours ( eg they close cash desks at 6am to re open at 8 am etc) the same goes for the poker tables. most people in the uk dont finish work till around 5pm some even as late as 9pm or later so in there eyes poker tables dont offer as good as a return for their money due to the fact theyd have to pay dealers for the time at the tables which is in effect why you get raked on the tables. finding a casino who operates poker games in the uk before 7pm is a hard task. im not saying impossible but around 90 percent of casinos in uk will not be holding poker games untill after 7pm [/FONT]
    • cocobomb
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      Unfortunately 235 that's the best you can find in town in terms of £££. But 9pm is the earliest to get a game running properly :( ((