I just can't win :@

    • bssjonny94
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      Every session i have played in the past week or so has lost me money. I play strictly by the starting hands chart, i read and reread all of the articles and yet i go to the tables and end up losing contantly.

      whats more, im loosing with generally good hands.
      From a sample of app. 4200 hands, i have lost a total of $4.5 playing KK and $1.2 playing AA.
      How can i fix this before whats left of my bank roll is gone?
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    • Farmarchist
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      4200 hands is nothing. If you are not sure just post some hands in the handjudging, it's very learnfull ;) .

      Charts are far from optimal but just a basic guide :)
    • gxtwo
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      I suggest posting your 5 biggest losing hands into the hand evaluation forum and see where/ if your going wrong.

      might also want to check your winning hands aswel, Just because you win a hand doesnt mean you played it correct.

      Also, as already mentioned, your samlpe is very small